Dell...I should have known better

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So, I have been making some good money trading crypto and doing some other things in the crypto world. I decided that my old Lenovo laptop needed to be replaced. I have always had a great experience with Lenovo and found the model I wanted at Best Buy.

16 days ago (yes number of days matter) I hop in my truck and drive an hour to get to a then big enough to have a Best Buy. You arrival I get swarmed but there salesman and I tell them what I am there for. Foolish me. Thirty minutes later that had me switched to a slightly faster Dell that was on sale and had a student discount that I could get, even though I'm not a student. I'm a penny pincher and this intrigued me but my history with Dell has been bad. The experts at Best Buy assured me that Dell quality had gone up in recent years and it was a whole new Dell from my previous experience. Okay, take my money.

I get home and get setup, this baby purrs. No problems, rocking out with my SSD, I7 and 16 gigs of RAM. About a week later I decide to flip the screen and go into tablet mode. So nifty, I can lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls reruns so easily now. PROBLEM! The keyboard is still active, my legs are pushing buttons. Crap!

Being the technology guru that I am, I try to fix this issue myself. I spend hours on it. Finally I give up and 3 days ago I get onto Dell support and go to chat. The Dell expert updates driver's, fumbles through settings and after two hours says wipe the drive and reinstall Windows 10. Screw you! Sure I'll do that, wink.

I then continue to spend the weekend messing with the computer and try to fix it. I mean I just got all my data on this machine and I was not going to wipe it. No way!

Today I'm pissed, I call Best Buy and ask about swapping the machine for the Lenovo. No sir. Okay, trade this POS out for the exact same model. No sir, your return window closed yesterday. Damn!

This time I call Dell. Basically a full repeat of the original contact. Final conclusion: reinstall Windows. Fine.

So here I sit with my 21 day old, $1800 laptop and I'm watching the computer "reset."


Screw you Dell. We will never do business again!


Yes David you should have known better, Good luck, I hope things work out for you.

Lol yes, and this has been my fourth night in a row talking to Dell on the phone. Second time to reinstall Windows. So pissed off. I want to drag this thing out in the field and put some rounds in it but it hasn't come to that yet.

@dwhntx All is fair in love,war and maybe life. The proverbial shit always hits the fan bro. I know what youre feeling, been there done that. Lets just learn from our mistake. From a fellow penny pincher to another, its not the dollars that hurt us its our pride im making the mistakes that makes it more hard and difficult to accept. Anyways, we, penny pinchers dont win all the time but believe me when I say that more bargains are coming your way. Why? Because penny pinchers always gets the bargains . . . I mean the last laugh. You'll know what I mean when you fell what I meant. Goood Luck and keep on Steemin!

Totally agree bro, it has definitely payed off over time. I'm just aggravated having to go through this with a new computer. It is what it is. Worst case it takes a trip to Dell to get fixed.

Hey, are you all okay? Just wondering if you are in the flooding, and hoping all is well...

Sorry for the late reply, it has been and still is crazy here. My family is safe now. My parents home and vehicles are destroyed, same thing for my brother, they live in the same neighborhood. Still watching the creek levels across the road from our house and a lake about 3/4 of a mile away. Power is still on which is awesome, it's gone out three times today and comes back almost immediately. Thanks for checking in, really appreciate it

Let me know if you need quick help, we don't have much but can paypal some to help with food or whatever...I hope you are prepped some!

I am glad your family is okay... <3

you can email me too [email protected] <3 Stay safe

Really appreciate the offer, very nice of you! We are fully prepped and should be good. My dad works for Fina and his company has said they are going to pay for demo and water removal for all employees homes which is amazing. It looks like we still have a few days of this nonsense but everyone is sheltered, fed and warm and that's all you could ask for. Thank you again!

Awesome...and this is why we prep <3 Be well, we will keep you all in our thoughts!!

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