Will Steem ever go up 10-100x ? & SolarCoin & Offline Wallets

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I heared it many times before and when I hear it again I always ask myself the same question:

Steem 10-100x increase and why it can't

Steem could go up 10 times (x) but then it would drop very spiky hard.
Now more interestingly could it go uo 100x?
My Mind says : yes maybe but unlikely while my Questionary-Mind asks itself:

How can the price stay at that range (100x) when there are thousands of accounts holding thousands of steem and hundreds of whales holding MILLIONS OF STEEM?

Just imagine the price goes up 100x, how is it supposed to stay there or near 100x give or take 20x increase away.
And tons of whales and users start to dump all their steem into let's say BTC.
Millions of STEEM sold in seconds!
How is the price supposed to stay steadly?


I don't know about you but its looks really fishy when you take a look at bittrex & poloniex or changelly when STEEM goes up.
Changelly for example is rising becaise of their steady 24/7 steem support...

Maybe their are working on it....for more than a month which seems wreid because everytime the price drops hard they are back online with STEEM...


Don't get me wrong, Bittrex is kinda awesome but awfull at the same time:
Nr1: Why are the wallets offline or in automatic maintaince as soon as the Steem/BTC price cracks through 0.0004 or when the price itself goes up to $1.7?

Nr2. Why is the price ranging away (+) so much from poloniex, should I be happy or worried?

Nr3. Why are the withdraw fee (TX FEE) SO HIGH -> BTC?
Everytime I want to withdraw BTC I have to pay 0.001BTC which is worth $4.
Sounds small but for people who don't withdraw thousands of Dollars well this is a ton.
I don't know if Bittrex really needs $4 to Withdraw my Btc, all I know is that its a good money-making machine.
1Million people withdraw their BTC = 4 Million Dollars to pay off those increadly expensive network costs...
4 Million probably per Day / 2 Days is a ton just to pay off servers and staff...

Nr.4 Minor Issue: The mobile version is still a tragedy.
There is no App and the mobile site looks good but not optimised :
The Menu for example is buggy and jumps around 9/10 times.


I looked into this and it seems really interesting though I need to do more research! You turn Solar energy into Cryptocurrency, how cool is this!. I can't really say anything yet but you wanna look into this at solarcoin.org

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