The common Mistakes of Resolutions and the avg. consumer

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If you haven't been living under a rock then chances are you have heared the word 'HD' or 'High-Definition' when it comes to films and videos on YouTube or Netflix.
But resolutions as they are nowadays are interpreted wrong and result into hour long questions and what really is that higher 4k or 16k resolution worth at all?

How many 'resolutions' are there? Typically endless many but the most common and widely known ones are :
  • 144p•
  • 240p•
  • 360p
  • 480p•
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 1440p•
  • 2160p
  • 4320p•
  • Everything marked / with a black dot• is widely existing (for e.g YouTube) but the avg. consumer is too lazy to know about its exisitince...

    The 'p' after the res (resolution) stand for pixel : 1080p.

    The widely known ones are 360p (very bad), 480p (less known, still bad), 720p (common today sadly, still bad but better), 1080p (the standard of nowadays content, still bad but better than the ones before), 4K or 2160p (VERY KNOWN as 4K, crisp, pricey & bandwidth hungry but worth it!).

    The BIG Mistake!

    There is one thing that makes more upset than lag:
    People using the word 'HD' when talking about 1080p
    My fellow readers and just everyone reading the line HD IS NOT THE SAME AS 1080p!
    The word 'HD' means HIGH-Definition and results into the blurry 720p Res. whereas 'FULL-HD' results into our common but less blurry 1080p!

    What bothers you so much about it?

    Take Netflix for example, chances are that you have a netflix subscribtion otherwise I really want to know how you find out what happens in the next episode of that tv-show you love and talk about every night...
    Netflix gives you with the second option (8,99€) 2 Devices and HD Res.
    Oh no 720p for $9,99?
    Nope, it turns out Netflix a crazy giant streaming platform gives you 1080p (FullHD) when talking about HD (720p).

    Don't ask me why, I don't know how such a million buisness can mess this up so hard and the truth is, the avg. will not google the exact res. because he probably got no idea what the difference between FULL-HD and HD is whereas me, a techy guy will fall off his chair seeing the don't have FULL-HD, only HD.

    Is 4K worth it?

    Absolutely for monitors and TVs. See 4K is only crisp and clear when its being used right. A 1080p Video will looks slighly worse on a 4K Monitor than on a 1080p Monitor whereas a 4K Video looks WAY better on a 4k Monitor than on a 1080p Monitor. To give you an idea what 4K looks like compared to 1080p in pixels :

    How much does a 4K Monitor costs nowadays?

    The cheapest and best one I could find is this one from a reliable tv-making and smartphone brand samsung : CLICK ME - Amazon

    A Great and big monitor for 300 Euros and from a brand that makes UHD, WQDH, Curved 4K TVs .... you get what I mean.

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