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Have you ever been so excited for the coming MONDAY that you can hardly sleep? That is what it is like for members of Compumatrix. For many years the pieces have been carefully been put together. Layer after layer of organization (or organisation), strategies, and aligning partnerships just to see the final product about to emerge into the World.

As a member, what impresses me is the dedication that we have seen from our Founder, Henry James Banayat, the Board of Directors, the Admin and Staff and of course the handful of Members that have been there sharing their lives every day.


It’s time to “buckle up buttercup”!

There is one person that has kept us together over all these years. This person understand not only the business from the Administration side of the equation but also from the membership side. She mediates while others have spent their best efforts doing what they do: BUILD THIS BUSINESS.

She signs off her posts with one word: “HUGS” This means everything to us. One time, even this was attacked and she stated she would discontinue using this. IT GOT REAL UGLY AND THERE WAS A REVOLT ON HAND! NO ONE WAS GOING TO TAKE AWAY OUR “HUGS”!


Over the years, I have been laughed at, ridiculed and etc. over this business. I even had a collection of “CROW RECIPES”. I have since matured and I will refrain from rubbing it in their faces!

Contrary to the above statement, I haven’t matured that much! I just have a more realistic understanding of business responsibilities and childish behavior has no place in the World of Business. (Besides, when we start to make money, you don’t want to flaunt it!) It is the “responsible” piece that will keep you in business.

COMPUMATRIX has taught me a whole new meaning of the Internet.

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That photo is very descriptive of how we are all feeling about the imminent launch of our beloved business :)

And we've only just begun!!! I look forward to reading more, ccrider ♥

Good description of our business ccrider! Looking forward to read more of your blogs...

Looks like you "hit the nail on the head" for many of us.

Keep up the great work, of expressing what a lot of us feel!


wonderful post ccrider, this is our time.

I hardly slept last night in anticipation!

Great Inspiration of like minded people..

Very good post ccrider spot on!