Compost Tea Test ! Video

in compost-tea •  8 months ago

So I did not know if this would work. So I am doing a test. I do add molasses with it to feed the microorganisms. Hope you guys like the videos. Thanks for your time and votes. God Bless.

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I am sure your garden will love this, brother!


Tanks brother ~~

Interested to see if this turns out for you. I feel like the aquarium pump would oxygenate the tea much better but maybe you don't need that much oxygen for it to brew properly?


So I found out there are 2 kinds of tea. The one with a pump and one with out. Like I was saying i the video I do use an air pump. Looking around to I found out told timers made a tea with just mixing in there compost and some kind of suger. I have used the tea I made and the plants look happy with it. SO hard to ay what the best. I am going to buy a air pump as that's just how I dun it before. They old timers would make there tea and let it sit a min of 2 weeks. The air pump tea you can use it in 48 hrs. I let minegot 4 day tho..


Good to know. Thanks for the reply.