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Saw this while browsing YouTube.

With Jay-Z's album 444 making a lot of news last week, the 'message' is finally hitting home. Black people must start businesses, and quit being dependent on jobs. This nation wasn't created with the well being of black people in mind, and so waiting around for Jesus to come ain't it.

Paraphrasing the last few weeks on Twitter ... and summing up part of what this video from Complex is saying too. MC's are making moves in the world of business. Many allowed record companies to exploit what goes on in urban communities, and in turn they're investing their gains.

Everything about this is inspirational.

Investing, and Education about investing can be a real key - in so many ways, 'information' is always guarded.

So it's great to see when successful people in the black community show a path to success that goes against what this society often promotes to black people.

Ridin Dirty, for so many reasons is a great example of this.

While so many songs are made every year, it's the songs about black people as criminals that become 'hits'. Those record sales, are often driven by the people who are buying the records. Often we forget, that the largest audience buying the most merch, are often not black people.

So, absolutely 'certain' messages get both pushed, and accepted over others. Truth be told, if Jay-Z didn't own his own publishing company, we have to wonder if record execs wold have 'allowed' that album to be released. Hov, Nas, and several others are mentioned in this piece. Please do not forget others like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Percy Miller (Master P) who all transitioned into business early.

Business ownership is the solution to so many challenges. But, often the 'messenger' matters as much as the message does. That's really why stories like this, are always good to see.


This article was at .12 .... then I noticed it was down to .10 and thought maybe I saw the wrong earnings on it the first time; Only for it to end up dropping down to .09?? ::: That's the kind of stuff that will harm the price of steem; if haters can impact earnings because they dislike the content that's not cool; Just from looking around there is a certain 'vibe' to what a lot of people write; lots of pro-trump; pro-kek; pro-alt-right; so naturally news about blacks overcoming those obstacles aren't going to get voted UP on here; not a shock haters are voting it Down though either; IT's just disappointing for the platform;

and now it's sitting at .08 --- So who is going around DOWN voting people's posts on this platform??? As much as I love the platform here, this #downvoting ability is an issue that is going to Devalue the platform; and the currency itself.