Writing Prompt Art Contest #14



It has been a while since The Writers' Block ran one of these contests. This first part requires submissions of art - traditional or digital - or photography, that you feel are begging for a tale to be told.

The second phase of these contests entails authors using the winning piece as a writing prompt. This will run for seven days, after which a winner will be announced. There will be a 5 Steem prize.

  • This contest will run until 23:59 UTC October 1st.
  • Artwork/photograph does not have to be created specifically for this contest but MUST be your own work.
  • You may submit multiple entries.
  • To enter submit either a picture in the replies below or a link to your post containing your art or photograph.
Good Luck!
Thanks to @curie for sponsoring these contests.


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This isn't the part of the contest I'd usually join, but I may have a few things up my sleeve... >:D


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Took this shot from an old hospital tonight...


And then the strange clouds asked not to be left out...


Both photos were taken with my TECNO Spark2

My entries:




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