Snapfeed Competition #1

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Photo by Cristofer Jeschke

Have you noticed all of these people on the streets with their eyes glued to their shiny illuminated phone screens? They will rather walk into you than raise their eyes to see where they're going. Or worse, get hit by a car because they didn't check if it was safe to cross the street. Have you seen or read that some cities across the world have started installing phone addict friendly traffic lights?

This competition is to encourage everyone to go out there and notice the beauty and wonder around us. All of which we notice less and less each day because we do not bother with anything other than what is on the screens of our portable gadgets.

If you're new and haven't quite figured out what to post on your brand new Steem account, this would be a good starting point. No writing skills or even photography skills are required to take part, just your attention and consideration to other people on the streets.

Three simple steps to participate in the competition:

  • Make a post with 4-5 photos of something you saw that day.
  • Tag your post with #snapfeed.
  • Post a link to your post in the comments.

No upvote, no follow, no resteem required.

What is a competition without a few rules:

  • Winner will be randomly chosen from valid entries once this post pays out.
  • Winner will receive 1 SBI share (I am hoping to increase this in the future).
  • Photos need to be your own and with proper metadata (location only can be removed for privacy).
  • One entry per person.
  • Quality of your photos will not be judged.
  • No written text required about the photos required.
  • The subject of the photos will not be judged, but do keep it classy and free of hate, judgment, agendas and everything that might be considered offensive.
  • Photos taken off from screens do not count.

Some ideas for photos:

  • Patterns
  • Colours and contrasts
  • Shapes
  • Details
  • Wildlife
  • Flowers
  • Something funny
  • Something weird
  • Something you've never seen before
  • Something you see every day, but never took time to appreciate
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Goodmorning @tggr great one and I am joining your competition and go out to search that 5 #snapfeed pictures. Great that you initiated this contest I found it in contest in the steemterminal but I will promote it in others too. Good luck

Thanks 😉
Can't wait to see your entry.

Thanks for your entry!
Very nice photos 👍🏻

Don’t forget the required hashtag #snapfeed as one of the post’s tags.

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Here is my entry but my own langue:

Thank you! Although your post is not quite what this competition is about, I am willing to make an exception and include you in the prize draw ;)

Yeah! I was wrong sorry my friend @tggr next time i will never do it again..

Wow! this is it, noticing around us...

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Isn't it? There is so much around us what can inspire us, awe us and teach us. I got inspiration for this competition from my own Daily Snapfeed series. There is just so much to notice and some days I feel I don't have enough time to take photos of everything wonderful I see.

I hope you'll be joining this competition ;)

is it allowed with pictures only? no explanation? cheetah might appear or steemcleaner...

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Steem is a network of so many different applications and ways to express yourself.

@cheetah and @steemcleaners are looking for content that may have been copy-pasted. Your contest entry photos would be one of the kind so you should be safe.

Neither Cheetah or Steemcleaners specify that your content has to be text or photos or something else. Format and content is up to is as long as it’s ours and not plagiarised. Copied and plagiarised photos would be against the contest rules anyway.

@steemcleaners would like to see all images that are not original cited.

This is from their post and refers to images that are not yours. Your own photos do not require to be cited, but if you’re worried, can always add that little note at the end of your post.

You should not be afraid if you’re not doing anything wrong.

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OMG! I've not joined anything like this in a long while but this is so inviting!
@meetmysuperego check this out!
Good job, @tggr! Keep it up.


Thank you! Fingers crossed for some competition entries now :)

This is fun! I'll make sure to take snaps tomorrow. Thanks for tagging me @mermaidvampire! =)

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So addicted, I relate to myself but I never cross the high way while makig selfie, it will bring me to the funeral jajajajaja

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Glad to hear that. There are lots of people who unfortunately do. I have had conversations with cab drivers who have seen some very grim sights because people are not being careful. Keeping our attention on the surrounding is the cheapest but yet most effective way of keeping us alive in these situations.

Agree Sir @tggr. Sad to say one friend of mine, died while crossing the busiest high way together with her 3 years old granddaughter, but the child was alive.

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Everyone! what are we waiting for COME AND JOIN US...

Hehe, Yes! The more, the merrier.

Still on it don’t worry I will enter haven’t forgotten the contest

Looks to be very interesting and the introduction you had mentioned about forgetting everything about the surroundings by concentrating on mobile phone is very very serious issue which is to be addressed on a very serious note..

People in many places can be seen they are talking over phone while driving two wheeler too..which really gets annoyed too

Any how thanks for coming up with such a nice competition, especially to capture the surroundings...

Thank you for your entry. Lovely photos! A good flower photo can always add some extra colour to our days. Well done 👍