Snap 24 hour steemit knowledge competition. 100% big up-vote for the first person to get the answers right. Lots of small upvotes too.

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Update after 24 hours. This comptition is now closed. Votes will be made over next 24 hours. Answers will be published at the end of this blog.

#update after 5 hours: No winner yet. See bottom of blog for more.

Original text

Three days ago I wrote a short steemit story. It is called “Bots take down the blockchain”. To enjoy the story to its fullest you need to know steemit and a little about the internet. To help steemit newbies I wrote some questions.

The competition comprising 16 questions is in one of my comments (replying to @muftii) right towards the end of the blog)

If you know steemit well, and you know a litle bit about the internet, you may be able to answer 15 out of the 16 questions.

Some questions may have more than one answer. (You may have to use your imagination). Clue: “Imagine” was sung by John Lennon. Why is the song so important to mankind? @mejustandrew posted a link to a youtube video of the song.

You may have to read some of the comments for an answer to a couple of questions.

If you are the first to get 15 out of 16 correct, I will give you a 100% upvote.

Don’t forget that with SBD worth over $3, my $12.50 100% upvote is worth alot more.

I will also upvote with at least 1% ($0.125), other answers which I find especially interesting, original, unusual, or funny, even if you don’t manage to get 15 answers out of 16 correct.

Question 15 is a special bonus question. If you think you know, for God’s sake, (and his family’s), please don’t write his name. An initial will do.

To answer the competition questions, you must answer in the same blog, (not here). I.e Answer in my blog “Blockchain taken down by bots”

If you read the story (the blog) and the comments, it shouldn’t be hard for a steemian to answer many questions. If you are funny or use alot of imagination, I will give you at least 1% ($0.125) vote.

The 16 questions can be found here.

Answer as many questions as you can anywhere in the comments section of the blog. Use your “imagination” when answering.

Competition ends in 24 hours. In other words, that’s midnight Nigerian time, and midnight in New York, Los Angeles and Australia. (Well you get the idea. The competition ends when I say it does, but in a maximum of one day.

Hurry to get your best answers into that blog.E7538FAB-B485-4C02-8B1F-F84C4DF42ADF.jpeg

Please note

You don’t have to upvote my blogs. I am not here for my day-to-day living. However, if you like what I wrote, it would be courteous to leave a vote on the blog.

I also vote for what I like, but I don’t do vote-for-vote.

If you think others would enjoy reading my blog, then feel free to re-steem. I only resteem things I really really enjoyed.

I don’t do resteem for resteem.

Update on the replies to this:

After five hours, there is no one winner yet.

Nobody got the 15 out of 16 questions right, which was the required number to win first prize. There are about 25 attempts so far.

The best collection of answers so far come from @mejustandrew. Everyone should read his answers. He has a lot to teach even those of us who think we know.

Many of you googled for some answers, and mostly gave a good answers because of that. But beware, sometimes google leads you down the wrong path. For example, I asked, “What is Skynet?” In reading the blog, it is obvoiusly some kind of bot or collection of bots. Unfortunately a few people wrote that it is a “parcel delivery service”. If they would have looked a bit further they would have discovered that the word comes from the movie sereis “Terminator”, and that Skynet is the computer network which will destroy our future planet.

Here is @mejustandrew’s excellent reply to “What is Skynet?”:

Last time when I have seen Terminator was when I was a kid, so I don't remember so well much about Skynet, but basically it was the bad guy character, a group of AI robots/computers forming a network that wanted to control the world and take down humanity. If you haven't seen Terminator, you should, it is a classic!

Almost everybody knew who Ned an Dan are. Most people knew of Bernie and who his worst enemy is. Here is a clever answer from @abh12345:


And an answer from @thecrytotrader:

Answer :- I don't Know this one but i think Most of the people are his Enemies. But Haejin is on The Top of that list.

Most people knew Bernie’s reputation is between -16 and -18. Here is the most accurate answer, again from @mejustandrew:

I won't answer this question approximately. I will say it exactly, just because I am somehow good with numbers :)
-16.3 on the logarithmic scale. According to steemd, his reputation is -38,950,636,102,596 and changes with each however small or big downvote/upvote. It has the approximate reputation of a user with 65 between and 66 positive reputation in logarithmic scale. Considering the fact that he had much less reputation than that and the logarithmic scale, I can anticipate that he will get to positive reputation and even surpass mine in a couple of months depending of his activity and flags/upvotes.

One person said his reputation is minus 1 gazillion, but that’s just an allusion which was made for the purpose of the story.

Many people didn’t know where the bad English line “All your crypto are belong to us” comes from. That’s a pity, because if they would have read my first comment (the second comment to the blog), they would have learned that is nearly the same as the internet meme “All your base are belong to us”, which was a line used in a poorly translated Japanese computer game from the early 1990s.

Not many people understood where the 14 days comes from, although I got lots of funny answers referring to things like Valentine’s day. Here’s the accurate answer from @chidiarua:

Because the blockchain was recently faced with fronted problems, taking posts 14 days behind.

Here’s a nice answer from @sistem about why steemians have red flags through their hearts:

Those who Interfer in whale wars will actually get struck. Recently , bernie downvited all tge comments on one if haijins posts. Wel, that's what you get when you go looking your nose into their affairs...lolzz.

Here is an anwer from @cranium that I liked:

If World peace is declared, why would it be in Geneva?

The war with robots is World War III. And after World War II, the peace agreement was signed exactly in Zhynev.

There were lots of good answers to the John Lennon question about the song “Imagine”. What does John Lennon and Imagine represent? Here’s one example from @sistem

I think it's just the idea of us using our imagination to answer your questions. Lolz.

For the “who is Assimov?” Question, @mistakili answered correctly

American writer, inspired laws of robotics and i-robot

The correct answer for what is the real name of Satoshi Nakamoto comes from @jrvacation. He wrote:

If I told you, I will have to kill you.

The following question produced lots of funny answers. -

Why do the spam-bots write “Thanks for sharing” and “Nice post bro”?

Here are a few of the best answers to that question.


This is because half of the planet is already gone


Well after spaming the hell out of someone's life, the least you can say is thank you i guess


Cos it's short, straight to the point, easy to Ctrl C + V, and relevant to most posts.


Obviously to get freebies in upvotes or downvoted as well


Because It's better than writing 'shit post bro' and expecting an upvote :)


Because they are retarded?


They were programmed to do so and makes the reply fast


Because they feel lonely and they want to cheer things up and make new friends, even though they don't understand much about the post itself.
Actually, in case the real answer is not obvious, they write this because they want to catch some votes; bigger or smaller, it doesn't matter as long as there is a lot of them. If you know for sure it is a bot and not a real user who can be taught of not doing this thing (it is called spam by the way), then the best thing which you can do is to flag them yourself andto report them to steemcleaners, @steemcleaners will come and take them down for you, and you could even earn some Steem Power rewards :)


Because that's how we identify them as spam bots


They are dumb-heads

Because they are "smart" think that they will earn so many millions, for we will "blunt" rejoice and give them a 100% upvote.


thanks for sharing"when they dont understand and" nice post" when they know author upvotes quickly.


Because it's actually programmed with perhaps the python language. They can't speak good English and so choose the easiest.

More to follow......


I just answer two only, later I try to connect again again, if you give me a chance.

(15) A satoshi is the smallest unit of the Bitcoin virtual currency. The unit has been named "satoshi" a collective tribute to Bitcoin founder, an initial of his surname "SN"

(16) as if he were the innocent man who could not penetrate his own imagination of how the world moves and ends. He invites everyone to think the same, which over time the song was able to poison the listener's brain, until infatuated with identical men round glasses. this song is indeed mysterious. The clanging and tone selection on the piano, especially when switching the chords seemed odd and odd. The teacher said, like the sound of piano horror movies.

You are a very good person @swissclive
how can you give 100% upvote for one person, you are amazing. May you always give health every day. Perhaps this kind of support is what we hope to be a beginner, someone like you is like a helpful angel for us this beginner.

I wait for your next challenge @swissclive?

Hi @hendrawahyuni...
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

Hey @swissclive, I feel that I can't thank you enough for the competition, for upvoting my comment, but more than everything, for mentioning me in your post. This means a lot to me, especially coming from a guy like you who is pretty popular and appreciated on this platform!

I have to admit that I wasn't able to answer all of the questions correctly, there were plenty of them, and the way how you structured them, from so diverse fields made them a challenge, not only a competition. I guess we all won something here, and no matter how the big or low were the upvotes, we should all enjoy the experience and the things we learned.

This was one of the things you did for Steem, as you often do, but the one that made me the happiest to participate in!

As you saw, several questions could not be answered from Wikipedia. They required the user’s imagination. We got some great answers and all developed our knowledge, especially thanks to you.

Hi @mejustandrew..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

I'm going right to you blighting answer the questions. I hope I win the 100% vote.

Hi @fatherfaith....
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

I just opt in for the competition and have attempted the whole 16 questions

Hi @yungchief..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

Is that you in the photo?


Answer :
1. Daniel Larimer - Co-Founder of BitShares & Steemit...
2.Ned Scott is the aslo co-founder of Steemit, Inc alongside with Dan Larimer, they created the social-media and blockchain company in January 2016.
3.Bernies reputation is the fun guy of steemit.. that flag
5 .Haejin on steemit is Bernie’s no 1 enemy .

Hi @prince121..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

I do not have sufficient time to take part in competition, but I do have enough time to resteem your two posts. It's a very good initiative @swissclive

Hi @miti...
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

Hey swiss man, thank you for including me in your post, I will try to answer some of that questions, even though I want to give a small advantage to the others first :D

PS: In the title, Lot’s of... should be written as Lots of... without the apostrophe :D

Your answers were amazing @mejustandrew.

Still haven’t finished looking at all the replies. I suspect nobody scored more than 14 out of 16, but I will still give out a couple of 100% votes.

As always, you make this place better for everybody interacting with you, either by upvoting them, or by giving them information and interesting/engaging content. This is a thing that you should not stop doing, it has a great impact over the people here!

Thanks @mejustandrew. I like to get the grammer 100% right so I am glad you picked that slip up.

No problem! It was in the title, so I had to point it out :)

"Skynet " is deliver courier company :) I've seen them so very often here hahaha :) seriously :)

I love your idea behind this contest. Upvoted :)

24 hour steemit... 24/7 :)

hi swissclive
i sent you a message on please reply to me there

Wow.. This is great, I'm going to check out those 16 questions and I hope I get the answers correctly.

Hi @enajo..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

This great competition,I appreciate your post.
best of luck my dear friend.

@triptybarsha. I have very strong reasons to suspect you are a bot. You take a noun in the title, and make a sentence. This is artificial intelligence gone too far.

I think it went for the tag #competition which is the main one on your post...

For example here it went for #photography and #blog:

Thanks @mejustandrew. You have added to the evidence that @triptybarsha is a spam bot. I will flag its rewarded posts.

Mam, actually my native language not for English. and I don't spam you, just support you

If you don’t speak English, please tell me exactly what it was in this particular blog that you found so interesting. Both the content and language are way beyond your intellect.

Actually know some English, but I don't know 100%. Thanks a lot for replying.......
have a nice day my dear friend....

Can you reply in ypor own mother tongue please?

Wow, Congratulations to the creator of the very interesting questionnaire, I will try to answer, you must have a lot of imagination.

Thanks. How do you think you scored?

Between my husband and I, we tried ... well, more him than me because he's more creative, and then he uploaded the answers. (he is @theonlyway)

Owk let's get right straight to it then...

Hi @sistem..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

Hey @swissclive ,

I think you should correct my username spelling in the post because you add the missing "P" in my username 😅 by the way thanks for finding my missing "P" 🤓

Sorryabout mis spelling your name. I found one instance and corrected that. Let me know if I missed any others.

I'm just seeing this.
Upvoted with my 1cent.🙈
Lemme go check it out.🏃🏃

Thanks @swissclive for this opportunity.

blog is very beautiful and useful thank you for sharing this beautiful blog @swissclive

@fadliestem My readers would all like to know which particular bit you found the most beautiful and why.

Some of my readers think your comment is just spam and want me to give you a flag. Don’t worry, I won’t do that if you reply with the requested information in the next 24 hours.

I say with his honesty your writing is beautiful and easy to understand that I think your blog is beautiful, tapih if you mukin less like with my words, I apologize with as big as his comment I please understand because I lack understand in my comments, thank you for giving, to the opportunity to explain what the meaning of my comments.@swissclive

Nice post...

What exactly did you find the nicest part @murtaza78?

Lolzz. He obviously didn't read your post I guess. Thanks dear @swissclive for this competition. Let me go and try my best.

Hi @thelovejunkie
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

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Another robot hard at work, reading everything I say only to spit it out again in a later robot comment?

This is very nice program. I want to follow this competition. Thanks. 😁

Hi @kilaisme..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

How about follow in comoetition??
Give Me.

Off I go then... the upvote is enough to convince me to attempt the questions. 😀

Hi @kenneth1..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

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