Competition Time #3: Your 3 Favourite Features Of Kryptonia - 32 Steem Prize Pool

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We are excited to announce our third competition and this weeks competition is about your 3 favourite things about

The competition is open to everyone including non-members and entering is really quite simple. Just follow the steps listed below to enter the competition now.

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Prize Pool

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The prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place = 10 SBI shares + 10,000 Superior Coin
  • 2nd place = 8 SBI shares + 8,000 Superior Coin
  • 3rd place = 5 SBI shares + 5,000 Superior Coin
  • 9 Runners up all win 1 SBI share + 3,000 Superior Coin
Prizes will be awarded on the 2nd September 2018 and all entries must be submitted before 1st September 2018.

Competition Rules

The rules are really simple, winners will need to follow them to ensure you can claim your prizes.

  • You must upvote this post to be eligible for prizes
  • You must leave a comment with you 3 favourite features from Kryptonia
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  • You will need to comment your Kryptonia ID to receive your Superior Coin prize

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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :


@redeye 1. I like the way Kryptonia looks's just easy on the eyes and pleasant to work with. 2. Tasks........ AweSoME feature! 3. The people involved here on Kryptonia....... just amazing! There are so many others I could name but these honestly best them by far for me....... I appreciate the contest very much to all who made it happen and to everyone entered I wish you the best of luck! Carry on!

3 Features Of Kryptonia I Noticed So Far :

1 : Easy To Use And Earn Crypto Currency
2 : Honest & Friendly Community &
3 : Can Request Any Type Of TASK

Additional : It's 2 Weaks Since I Am Using This Platform And I Observed That Kryptonia Is Great Platform And Growing Fast. I am Lucky I Found Kryptonia Earlier.

Hello fellows,

My three favorite features are:

  1. Single and friendly user interface. Have a lot of options nicely arranged.
  2. We can follow and complete many tasks created by community users, but also we can create ours.
  3. Easy feature for changing SUP Coins to STEEM o SBD.

Here's my Kriptonia ID: @mercury


My 3 favorites things of @Kryptonia:

-The reception i get and see from the others users
-The ability to change my SUP coins into STEEM or SBD
-The interaction with others users and the good bot

@maryresp from kryptonia.

  1. I like the opportunity to get followers and superior coin on Kryptonia platform.
  2. I like their 24/7 nice support team and their legit payment at the right time.
  3. I like the great opportunity to promoting our website, bussines or social media very easy and cheap cost.
    Kryptonia ID @mejia_martinez

Hola! de Kryptonia me gusta 1.- La interaccion con otros usuarios de Steemit que nos permiten conocer mas personas y leer articulos interesantes. 2.- La facilidad para generar ganancias realizando tareas sencillas, 3.- El poder usar esta plataforma para valorar mis propias publicaciones creando tareas para recibir el voto del Kyptoniabot y los usuarios que realicen mi tarea.

Saludos Id Mariale

Hello! I like Kryptonia 1.- Interaction with other Steemit users that allow us to meet more people and read interesting articles. 2.- The ability to generate profits by performing simple tasks, 3.- The ability to use this platform to assess my own publications by creating tasks to receive the vote of the Kyptoniabot and the users who perform my task.

Greetings Id Mariale

1.opportunity to earn exchangeable digital currency
2.helps in promoting social websites
3.helps in getting connections and followers
@airsoftman #Kryptonia

There are 3 things I am easy for daily doing, they are as folows:

  1. Upvote kryptonia's posts
  2. Winning SUP through superior faucet
  3. Resteem associated posts
    Hoping Kryptonia will run best for itself and for us
    Mine is @sucuaulia
    Thank you

My 3 favourite features of Kryptonia:

  1. Kryptonia.oi Site gives easy task for earing Superiorcoins.

  2. Kryptonia site has all type of task. Just like steemit task, facebook task, twitter task, cryptocurrency task and etc.

  3. We can cash out very easily or use this site for our task.

Many other is my favorite quality on kryptonia site.

My kryptonia ID: @mahathirohi

Three stages that are little bit easy for me

  1. Sharing referral
  2. Superior faucet is enjoying
  3. Doing UV and resteem.
    The thing that can't do now are mining.
    Doing task is hard for me
    Kryptonia is great
    My Kryptonia's ID is @greensioux

Hello my three favorites are:

  1. Kryptoniabot and its curation tail upvote our posts.

  2. We can complete tasks and earn sup.

  3. We can create tasks for other things.

My id: @ mahir12

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi kryptonia id @shoutloud
First of all kryptonia is awesome. more i use more i like it.
Since peoples already posted so much features , which makes me to narrow down what i actually want to post but you required only 3 features that i can post anytime for kryptonia . so here we go:

  1. First of all its simple to use, nothing is complicated on that sites remember when i was joining steemit i feel how much complicated it was.
    2.kryptonia is much much faster also no need to click here and there no advertisements just complete the task, moreover no need to click on links just click on complete and new tab will take you wherever u need to complete the task
    3.Last but not least. Unlike steemit or another platform , @kryptonia anyone can grow and can grow depends how much work you want to don steemit even i am working hard but no luck on the other hand kryptonia i feel i am getting reward of what i am doing and not wasting my time.
    i hope i posted some good points
  1. Helps your steemit reputation
  2. Lets you get noticed
  3. Get to earn SUP!


1,Use unused upvotes. If I have not used 10 upvotes a day I use them at cryptonia and gets coins for it

2,Learn ways to more income. A lot of tasks is about earning and get crypto! And I get payed for reading and upvote them. Win and win

3,Meet new friends

Hello, the Kryptonia social platform makes sense as a whole, but its three most attractive features for me are these:
1.) Making my Steemit posts more visible for other Steemers. Steemit is often presented as ocean and Steemers as various kinds of fish or ocean inhabitans. For a minnow is very uneasy to attract attention to its existence and posts. For such a minnow is Kryptonia social platform great opportunity to get new readers, make new relationships and grow.

2.) Higher rewards. Don't forget to registerfor Kryptoniabot's upvotes. Rewards are one of the biggest reasons why we public on Steemit, and Kryptoniabot is very generous

3.) I am not a PC geek so I also welcome the users friendly website. When I wasn't sure how some functionalities works, I always support among other Kryptonia users.
I could continue with other advantages as easily earned krypto SUP, referral program, interesting tasks offering participation in new kryptocoins projects etc. But the first mentioned three I would recommend to newcomers at most. I am very happy with Kryptonia, thanks to this platform I found amazing Steemit users posting very quality content.
Thank you for this competition! Kryptonia ID @hairyfairy

Congratulations @steemitbuilder ! You received a 35% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia for your task of 8000 SUP Today.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

Run a task on Kryptonia.*Join free here Kryptonia Account
Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post.

Delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote by clicking links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

Kryptonia is the best platform for so many reasons:

  1. Visibility to your blog and Increased activity on your blog.
  2. Kryptonia upvote bot on steemit which will help you earn Steem/SP.
  3. Blockchain based earning by doing simple tasks.
  4. Support staff response is very fast when compared with other platforms.
    kcherukuri from kryptonia

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My 3 favorite features are
1- Asking for task completed conformation.
2- Transaction history.
3- Upvote bot.

Dhanu4u from Kryptonia

@kryptonia is in my view:-

  1. TASK - MARKET - TALENT - BLOG SECTIONS in one place, moving content by earning/paying in crypto SUP. Kryptonia is planning a future being the "Home Base" for Superior Coin, development is ongoing with releases announced. Additional features added after members vote on what they would enjoy making use of on this platform!

  2. BANK/EXCHANGE Bank feature offers 1% interest on crypto SUP in online Kryptonia Wallet. Onsite exchange is planned future enabling transfer of coins in Kryptonia. Exchanges are available to move crypto, some members also offer to exchange into SBD/STEEM for convenience.

  3. COMMUNITY - Members have flocked to this decentralised, private blockchain system from many walks on life, finding Kryptonia welcoming, easy to use, fast assistance when required on a many social media places for convenience.

Superior Coin is a small trading coin with potential to grow over the coming years. No guarantee is predictable in cryptocurrencies, however Superior Coin has never forecast fast growth. Kryptonia offers additional features to support SUP into the market.

Kryptonia ID @joanstewart1

Three best feature according to me that I loved about the kryptonia-

1. It's similarities with the BTC as a decentralized origin and it's currently available option of interconversion into BTC.

BTC is said to be the world most leading cryptocurrencies and if so in near future the SUP coin price will increase than just like steemit we will have another platform of good income generating cryptocurrency.

2.If I am planning to lauch any website in recent future and I am almost with no money just cryptocurrency and platform like steemit and #kryptonia. I could interact with many people asking them to do the task and get paid in terms of superior coins.
This apart from promoting my steemit account and my steemit value will also promote my website and with little expense as compared to calling or setting some staffs for managing the same work. Especially when we are new
It means dual benefit.

3. In the same we have option to look the person who is performing the task is doing this honestly or not. If we are not satisfied then we need not to pay them. I just want to say the quality of work will be enhanced by the this.
On steemit they have bot to reward us also this is again a great feature to their users that they are providing.

***Apart from this they are providing ample time to finish task (say 5 days) so that's also good for working people. ***

@saun on kryptonia.

Great contest guys. I love @kryptonia.

1. I love that I can earn SUP, a separate, independent currency by doing what I'm already doing on Steemit.

2. I love the engagement from a greater variety of people as a result of @kryptonia.

3. I love the new benefits that get added to @kryptonia all the time. And I mean all the time.

I'm still fairly new to the site. I haven't seen everything yet, probably :0)

My three favorite features:

  • creating any kind of task (for example to promote a post or website)

  • The Kryptonia bot

  • Possibility to exchange SUP into Steem and th other way around

Kryptonia ID: simplymike1

My three favourite features:

  1. Giving chance to connect with social media and getting rewards.
  2. Allowing to set reputation and activity level on a task.
  3. Verifying completeness of the task by asking to write kryptonia ID.

Kryptonia ID: @mmunited

Reason why?

  1. It helps beginners to get start up boost.
  2. Only loyal and active user can do some special high rewards tasks.
  3. I can prevent the cheaters getting rewards doing nothing acutally.

1.Kryptonia let me gain SUPERIOR COINS without capital.

  1. Kryptonia let me earn friends and upvotes.
  2. Kryptonia let me promote my steemit posts.
    upvoted by croxdragnel of kryptonia
  1. Possibility to revoke payment to cheaters.
  2. The upvotes it gives to the post we put on tasks.
  3. The chance to earn cryptocurrency, which is not bad.

Kryptonia ID: kimbygrr

I've been around kryptonia for a some time already and I use the platform mainly to promote my steemit posts. I buy SUP on south exchange and use them for my tasks. My 3 favourites features:

  • Kryptonia bot: Each time I promote a post over Kryptonia, I love to get the upvote from the Kryptonia bot and its trail. This give a huge boost to my posts. So when I use kryptonia to promote my steemit posts, I profit in 3 ways. 1) I get the upvotes from the bots, 2) I get the upvotes from the people who take the tasks, 3) It creates real interaction with the users.

  • The possibility to revoke: It seems not such an important feature for many but I really like the possibility to revoke users that do not complete the tasks as asked. It allows me to pay higher payments to the people who really do what I ask for.

  • Based on Superiorcoin: It is great that Kryptonia is based on a crypto currency like Superiorcoin. It can be traded easily, sent to other users or to an exchange and there is a real ecosystem growing around it. I believe that an ecosystem is the basis for a coin to survive in the long term.

Kryptonia ID: @achim03

Features: vote
Kryptonia @yusuff

Here are my answers:

  1. Easy to use especially to those members who are not techy persons. In other words user-friendly.
  2. Increase visibility of steemit post and eventually translate to upvotes which what we needed the most to earn.
  3. It creates double earning scheme. You earn sbd/steem/sp and at the same time Superior coins. Hitting two birds with one stone.
    Upvoyed and resteemed by rubelynmacion

I like the opportunity to get followers and superior coin on Kryptonia platform.
I like their 24/7 nice support team and their legit payment at the righ
Easy To Use And Earn Crypto Currency
Kryptonia ID @chetachi26

Heey! I'm from Kryptonia as ID:acosta

What i really like of kryptonia:
1.- Super easy to earn some nice cryptos
2.- Easy to know other people, follow and help the comnunity
3.- There is always available tasks.

1-sup and steem win,
2-Easy To Use,
Kryptonia @baycan

  1. The opportunity to have superior coins without paying any dollar.

  2. The low fee attached to withdrawing superior coins

  3. The ability to convert it to bitcoin. This means that, s person can get bitcoin with efforts from Kryptonia tasks.

Kryptonia ID: blogjeremiah

3 things that i like of @kryptonia:

  1. I can earn extra payment doing what i already do in steemit (vote, comment and create)
  2. It is all about to grow up together
  3. It is very easy to use

Greetings... My Kryptonia ID: tupamalo

I like these three features.

  1. Displays detailed Task completion requirements, before opening a task.
  2. Efficient support response time.
  3. Kryptonia bot is a great help.

Kryptonia ID: @Dhaneshpk

Hello my fellow kryptonia my three favorite feature complete other task and make my own task reffer other people to it change my sup to sbd
My kryptonia id @bodymanual

3 features I like about #Kryptonia

  1. Cost of SUP coin and ease of wallet withdrawals.
  2. Ability to create tasks without confusion.
  3. The mobile application for Kryptonia is well done.

Kryptonia ID - tonygreene113

1- It is easy to earn Superior Coins, which also make it easy to create your own tasks or just HODL.

2- It is an easy way to promote anything that you are interested in.

3- Other people's tasks are a source of information for other opportunities available on the internet.

Kryptonia ID: @gduran

I found this post from @kryptonia website which I am using regularly to increase my activity score so that I can complete more tasks to earn SUP coins. I liked the top most 3 feature of this website:

  • We can Earn SUP coins as much as we want to earn. NO Restrictions that you have to complete 3 to 4 or that number of tasks in order to earn SUP coins. This FREEDOM is liked by everyone in any network. This is top-notch feature which I liked the most.

  • Easy to Use: There is no hard-and-fast rule to use this network and to complete the task. Every network can become successful if it is easy to use even by a naive person. That's what it makes more useful. Loving it...

  • Coin Conversion FREEDOM: We can easily convert our earned coins into STEEM/SBD that's what it makes more useful for kryptonians. ;) As "kryptonia is driving traffic from STEEMIT so it is more convenient to convert into STEEM .

@ikrahch is my kryptonia ID.

My three favourite thing on kryptonia.

  1. Kryptonia give you larger upvote on the amount of sup you spend on a task

  2. You can earn sup easily buy doing someone task and can be revoke if not done properly

  3. It help in the growth of steemit, you can make your steemit post visible too a large number of people

My kryptonia id : @dannyskid

Great Contest!

My 3 Kryptonia Favorites

1: Very easy to get setup and use.
2: Flexibility - wide variety of ways to earn and share SUP.
3: Building Relationships by following and having followers.

upvoted and resteemed @deathlyhorror

Three things that I love about Kryptonia

1.- There is a team working behind Kryptonia that gives the face and to whom you can contact for help on the server. That makes me feel confident and I know that if there is any inconvenience they will take care of me.

2.- I love the frontpage. It is friendly and the tasks are organized by value. This makes it easy for me to select the tasks that interest me. It also tells me if I meet the requirements to complete them. That's how I earn time. I visit the page every day and there is always something for me.

3.- A feature that I appreciate a lot too, is that it gathers tasks for Steemit. Sometimes, I do not know what else to do and then I open session in Kryptonia and I find tasks to do. The best thing is that I win Superiorcoin! I have discovered accounts of Steemit, that of not being by Kryptonia would not have known.

I take this opportunity to thank the enterprising team of Kryptonia. Your initiative has opened a window of opportunity for me to earn some money to face the current crisis in my country.

My kryptonia Id @thaishps

Hello friends

my 3 favorites things of kryptonia



My three favorite features of Kryptonia.

  1. Tasks are so easy and anybody can do them.
  2. No problems in transactions.
  3. Can complete own tasks with another user.

My Kryptina ID: ashikstd

Though I am very new in kryptonia I have noticed three things that I like. 1. Very simple his way of using. 2. It is just an hour to grant the rewards. 3. It has in Discord an equipment that solves our doubts. ID charjaim


My entry is as follows:

  1. The ability to crowd source anything on the web.
  2. The tokenization of crowd support.
  3. Seeing different chains and projects supporting each other.

@kryptonia id = @nutritree

Nice work. my ID is @grace234

I like the opportunity to get followers and superior coin on Kryptonia platform.
I like their 24/7 nice support team and their legit payment at the right time.
I like the great opportunity to promoting our website, bussines or social media very easy and cheap cost.
Kryptonia ID @jamescrusader

  1. easy to use
  2. creative community
  3. easy way to earn crypto

id @steemshark

Free upvote to steemit when creating a task at kryptonia... God Bless

  1. Simple and intuitive interface.
  2. There are interesting tasks.
  3. A good opportunity to get extra coins.
    KRYPTONIA ID : @marinafox
  1. Super user friendly platform
  2. very supportive team leaders
  3. allows us to increase our earning on two platforms simultaneously
  4. added bonus of the kryptonia & superiorcoin upvote bot
    @claudiaz - kryptonia

1.opportunity to earn exchangeable digital currency
2.helps in promoting social websites
3.helps in getting connections and followers

Kryptoniabot and its curation tail upvote our posts.

We can complete tasks and earn sup.

We can create tasks for other things.

My id: @ nyphotask

  1. Use unused upvotes. If I have not used 10 upvotes a day I use them at cryptonia and gets coins for it
  2. Learn ways to more income. A lot of tasks is about earning and get crypto! And I get payed for reading and upvote them. Win and win
  3. Meet new friends

@minimining Please reply to this comment with your Kryptonia ID, we need it to send you the 3000 Superior Coins you have won!

Wow !!! @svensson Thank You!!!

Please tell me when transfered

My 3 Favorites features of Kryptonia

  1. Beautiful and very friendly interface, i don't need any guide to operate my account.
  2. Very interesting and rewarding tasks that can be earn with just a click.
  3. High standard in community activity and ability to trade kryptonia to steem/sbd
    I am @fisherman

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Amazing Prize Pool to be won!!!