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RE: 2020 updates via @cnts reward pool 35 steemit

in #competition2 years ago

Hey Brother , good to see you here back after long time. Keeping updated with Steem is pretty hard with everyday is a new day. Still the major development that happened lately was Steemit sell off to @justinsun (co-founder Tron) and a major Steem forced a forked out to "Hive Blog". So we have a new platform Hive which is exactly same as of Steem with little differences upon the currency name HP, HBD etc. Those who were active have already been moved to HIVE with equivalent wallet balance as of Steem. You must check them out and enjoy some good time.
Steem is steaming hot now a days.


yeah just logged in... double the chance to do my banter posts. Good to see you captain. I wanna head see you post covid ;]

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