Sndbox Updates and Reminders [Thumbnail Competition + Curation Trail]

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Sndbox updates and reminders will alert members and Steemians of upcoming deadlines and other relevant activities.

State of the Sndbox Competition #2

Don’t forget to submit your entries to our 2nd round of the State of the Sndbox Thumbnail competition! We’ll be taking submissions until 10pm EST on Tuesday.

So far we’ve had some fantastic submissions by mostly new accounts. We’re excited to share them all with the Sndbox community soon to choose the standings and winner, whose chosen submission will be the landing image of all our October weekly newsletter posts. We’ll announce the results Wednesday morning before our first State of the Sndbox newsletter of October.

Curation Trail

We haven’t officially announced our curation trail in a freestanding post, so we want to take a moment to highlight that our curation trail has been developing steadily and we would love your support. You can sign up through Streemian at the link here.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 4.54.36 PM.png

Currently we have 34 trailers and are the 42nd most followed trail on Streemian. We hope to integrate Sndbox members on there soon as well as recruit the support of a wider Steemit community.

We encourage you to explore our current and past Sndbox posts, projects, newsletters, and resources. If you believe that it is valuable for the Steemit community, we would appreciate your supportive vote on the Curation Trail!




this is a great contest! good luck everyone :D
thanks for sharing my entry n_n

Thank you for submitting @fabiyamada!

I am looking forward to the result, very nice entries again.

Thank you again for your entry!

Hey! You have mentioned my design here, what a wonderful suprise!

Personally I love that design by @fabiyamada, it just really puts the "box" into sndbox, while still thinking outside the box...

We love em both!

You are just so full of love... :)

That we are <3

hi...bro flw me and i flw you...sure

Thanks @ sndbox for sharing

Thanks for the support @mohammedfelahi!

Interesting stuff. Thanks for keeping people up to date!

amazing submissions for the @sndbox thumbnail competition thank sndbox

So much incredible talent on Steemit

yeah! very talented steemians ;) amazing

Every artworks are just perfect! I'm looking forward to what will be chosen :D

I joined your community (I hope I did everything right). I support you and your idea.

I just found out about this project but it seems like a really great one!

I love how many initiatives there are here on Steemit to help support the success of the community as a whole and to bring light to quality content!

I will follow your project and throw some up votes to it!

Together we can do amazing things!

∞§∞To SteemFinity and Beyond∞§∞

I can't believe I only just discovered this wonderful account!!!

I've written a blog on Steemit called "365 Days That Count" since the beginning of the year (it's rather scary to think we're now on day 277) and would love any and all support @sndbox could offer. Followed to keep up to speed! Have a great day ✨

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