State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #11!

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Hi @sndbox, this time I tried to design a thumbnail with abstract theme and I really like it. Well, then what exactly is meant by the abstract? Abstract images are a form of imagination created by artists in a unique and interesting form. In addition to the unique and interesting abstract images I think is very much in demand in this century, especially by young people as well as adults today.

So on this occasion I made a thumbnail that underlies the abstract art, because I think the abstract image is very interesting among young people today.

Where as usual I designed this thumbnail using my pride application that is Adobe Illustrator, I like to use this application while doing my job because I think this application is very professional in their field.

Where on every occasion I put hope for each of my work to be accepted by friends and loved with joy. In addition I am also ready to accept criticism about my work, so I can improve and to try to give a better again in the next month.

That is all from me

created by @myaceh

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Semoga menang bang, menarik tuh hasilnya

Artistik bang, pemilihan warna seimbang

Good post bg @myaceh