Do you want too win some SBD's and have some fun, then come on In.

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On a Monday i would post 4 words
E.G - Bank, Tank, Money, Life.

2 words would be rhyming 2 words wouldn't.
What you need to do is:

Make a Poem or Rhyme including all 4 words, it can be funny, serious or just plain daft.

1 entry a week. So best hold on until your happy with it

No spamming

Maximum lines 12.

To be posted into the main post comment section that i make on a Monday.

You must upvote the main post and if possible resteem.

The competition will run from Monday to Friday. Saturday the posts will be checked with winners posted on a Sunday.

The Winner will receive 2 sbd with 1 runner up receiving 1sbd. (Until I see how much the challenge earns) Then the prizes will rise. I will cover winnings with my own sbds.

If anyone wants to make a donation or help me with this competition contact me in the replys or via chat.




All entries must be posted in this post to be included.


Thank you son-of-satire


There is a trick
to build a house,
you use a brick
and get applause
wait, a brick is not enough you need like two or more
and put a flower in front of your door!
Then trow a party for your friends,
you have a house, you NEED to dance!

This is the perfect contest for me. I love it. Instant restreem. Have an awesome day!

Haha brill and very quick. :)

happy you like it!



The Waltz of the flowers
as they danced around the floor
it would be a neat trick
if I could rhyme them with brick

Haha Good try sir :)

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omg! I love this! Let me have a think :)

Look forward to reading yours :)

It is a trick
To dance on a brick!
And even a flower
Will give you applause!

Thank You :)

Glad to see you've got your spirits back. :)

Thank you, got to do something to keep the old grey matter busy :)

One with your hubby in mind -

To build a house of stone and brick
Lay them down neat, that’s the trick
The dance of trowel in experienced hand
Makes houses flower throughout the land

Thanks for joining...This is going to be hard

You have your upvote and resteem. The poem comes a little later! Need my thinking cap...

Great, can't wait to read it :)

TITLE: the magician

I know a magician with a bag of TRICK.
he can walk the ropes and do a hat trick.
Ontop of a glowing or growing flame he can do a dance.
He is mister cobblepot
He is an amazing juggernaut.
He can change the colours of a purple pot.
See his prowess he can even swallow a brick.
and vomit a beautiful flower.

Here is my official entry

That is a brilliant effort but your using the wrong words... your using the Example. This weeks words are further down the page.
Thank you for joining in :)

My Goodness, well now I've edited it, it's a new entry

I have and here is a new entry

Brill Thank you :)

I once learned this trick,
It involves using a brick.
Set it up nicely behind a flower
With its strong stance, it lends a lot of power.
Do a little dance
Jump, skip and prance.
Pray to the Gods, to make that flower grows,
And then pray that daddy doesnt hit it when he mows!

Haha very good :)

good contest follow now 😱😱😍😍

A poem in my style written especially for Karen :D

Karen loves her steemit she posts at every chance
Everyday she takes some pictures but she'd dearly love to dance

She shares about her health and the veges she will grow
The odd picture of a flower but more recently of snow

The days are getting longer the bricks outside exposed
Karen's dreaming of the garden and getting busy with the hose

She posts about her dogs and how they have a trick
Of stealing her spot in bed instead of chasing a stick

This is fab thank you :)

There's a TRICK to joyously build a house with BRICKS surrounded by need music and most importantly DANCE.
This is my entry

Thank you for joining in :)

Perfect horror called life
With the d`evil we dance
Dazed,confused and left in a trance
Afraid to show my soul, he'll devour
Weathering away like the last flower.

I need to outsmart but I can't play a trick
Rather be violent and bust it open with a brick.
That's too gruesome, the thought makes me sick
But this life has made my blood thick.
I'm too deep enveloped, with it I must stick.

Thank you for joining in, this comp is getting harder :)

Okay, Karen. Here comes the awful poetry.

There is a trick
To use the wall of brick.
First pick fresh red flowers
Then do the fandango dance.

Have you your yellow pants?
Then you shall have the powers
To throw the brick
Beyond the door trick.

Its not awful, well done for trying, :)

So you dance like a brick
such a boring trick
Might as well give up
given that your dance sucks

Please stop you're only making it harder
this is not a place for a beginner
The reward ain't a couple of flowers
this is not your hour

So please go back to the training room
Maybe that way
the stage won't be your tomb

So yeah practice before you go to the test or competition hahaha

Haha well done and thank you :)

There was a young lady from France
And oh how she loved to dance
Her cleverest trick
Was to dance on a brick
And waving a flower, she’d prance.

Very good. Thanks for joining in :)

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