Competition: Name The Fractal - Winners Announcement

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Thank You For Your Entries - The Winners For The Competition Are:

First Place: Not-So-Green Goblin - by @daytondoes
Congratulations, you have won 5 x @SteemitBuilder builds for your entry.

Second Place The Karma Devil - by @lovepreet2511
Congratulations, you have won 4 x @SteemitBuilder builds for your entry.

Third Place Stolas - by @severin.saii
Congratulations, you have won 3 x @SteemitBuilder builds for your entry.

What Are @SteemitBuilder Builds?

SteemitBuilder is a project that I sponsor that provides it's members with a daily upvote for life. Currently in Phase #2 of the project a single build entitles you to a 1.5% upvote per day for life! The more builds you buy will add an additional 1.5% to your upvote each day!

So the winners of this competition will receive:
1st Place = 1 x 7.5% upvote per 24 hours from @SteemitBuilder
2nd Place = 1 x 6% upvote per 24 hours from @SteemitBuilder
3rd Place = 1 x 4.5% upvote per 24 hours from @SteemitBuilder

I am sending the funds as soon as I publish this post and will make sure the admins add your builds straight away, so you should all start receiving your upvotes tomorrow onwards.

You can check if you are enrolled and how many builds you have at their lookup tool it's really handy for checking your upvote weight etc.

Thank you to everyone who entered this competition, I will be doing some more competitions in the future!

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