A Woman Delivers Food To Homeless Family And Then Comes Up With A Plan To Help

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A mother, father, and their three daughters go from living in a school bus to their own house thanks to a generous heart.

We have all had our share of struggles and at times can't seem to catch a break. It's the circle of life if you would. Olivia and Eric were at this stage in their lives when a woman by the name of Virginia Finch was just delivering food to the homeless on Thanksgiving day when she heard of a family of 5 who were in need for more than just food.

When Finch and her daughters delivered the food to the family living in a semi converted bus she couldn't bear the thought of leaving them like that. Not with a baby, a toddler, and a 5 year old out in the cold especially knowing the baby had no crib to sleep in.

“There’s no way I’m going to leave a baby with no crib for a bed on Christmas,” Finch thought to herself.

As Eric, Olivia, and their children set across the US they break down in Greeley, Colorado. With the holidays in play depression sunk in and the thought of celebrating quickly fading away, she thought to herself that joy and warmth the holidays bring was going to be nonexistent.

After hearing the heartbreaking story, Finch and her daughters assemble a plan to help the family and give them something to really be thankful for.

Finch thought about the second house her family was going to sell and decided to make the struggling family an offer they couldn't refuse. When the homeless family was presented with the proposition she immediately thought it was some kind of joke.

Link below to this beautiful story.


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Giving to the needy without letting them beg for it is generosity at its best.


Very amazing i must admit.

I think societies in general around the world are becoming more altruistic as they also become less accepting of suffering. More actions like this and the world will become a better place.

The world needs more people like this. It's a beautiful story and an inspiration to many :)

She has a generous heart

Every parents loved her child, i want this loved any child. thanks for this valuable post sharing.... resteemit done

Nice post dear

What a generous fellow, she has exemplified what so many, even men of God cannot do with their affluence wealth.
Giving home to the homeless is one of such things Christ will remember us for.
God bless the generous giver!

very good to be a mother guidance, post and picture very nice @joseph

Humanity comes first. Impressive sharing

That's a very good post. I really like to read it. Lots of knowledge contained therein. Thank you for giving me a very valuable lesson.

It is the best feeling in the world to share with others!
Thanks for sharing this! It's inspiring!

I am from Indonesia 🇮🇩 @yasir123. I love 💕 @joseph. 👋. Follow 🖕🏻

It is very good to read this kind of news dear friend @joseph, I am a convinced that you never have to give up, when one less expects you find the resolution to your problems, always keep calm and faith
Thank you so much for this information
I wish you a wonderful weekend

That is a very good example, must follow, I like it

Wow. This is one of the best things i have read all day. Such kindhearted folks