The Benefits of Having an LLC if You Don’t Actually Have a Company

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A Limited Liability Company (LLC) already safeguards the personal assets of its owners/investors from business risks and liabilities.

There are two types of LLCs in Hong Kong:

Small and medium-sized businesses prefer Private Limited by Shares, while major firms prefer Public Limited by Shares.

Because of the benefits it provides, private limited by shares is the most prevalent type of business structure used by entrepreneurs in Hong Kong:

Separate Legal Entity — If the company goes into debt, the shareholders are not responsible for repaying the debt.

Restricted Liability — LLC members’ losses will be limited to the precise shares they invested in the company, and they will not be held liable for losses in excess of their shared contribution.

Tax Benefits — Because Hong Kong follows territorial principles, tax rates ranging from 8.25 percent to 16.5 percent will be imposed, as well as a tax exemption for earnings earned outside the region.

Learning and leveraging the benefits of the company structure you wish to create will provide your firm an advantage, allowing it to expand and prosper in the future.

More information on how to register company Hong Kong may be found here:

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