How do I open a corporate bank account or an offshore bank account in Hong Kong?

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We recommend looking for a service provider that offers business bank account opening, whether you are a start-up or a registered Company in Hong Kong, to make the process smoother and faster.

There are register company service in Hong Kong who include bank account opening as part of their incorporation package for new businesses. Service providers have a distinct package just for account opening for entrepreneurs who have previously established their company in Hong Kong.

There are two ways to open a business bank account in Hong Kong:

Fintech Accounts are online financial service providers that allow you to enroll and submit your requirements. It is not necessary to travel to Hong Kong for bank interviews. You’ll need to give the following information for this platform’s due diligence process:

All directors’ passports
Passports of shareholders who own 25% or more of the company; and
Valid Certificate of Business Registration
For opening a Traditional Business Bank Account, most service providers conduct a pre-approval test. They’ll ask for your documents and match them with a bank that can help you start an account. They’ll request the following:

The beneficial owner’s passport (s)
Proof of residency from the owner(s).
A thorough corporation business plan or proposal
Regardless of the option you choose, with banks going digital, it will be easier for company owners to open accounts without having to fly internationally.

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