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RE: Announcing the Launch of Hive Blockchain

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Looking forward to it.

Will all the SCOT tokens also be duplicated (PAL, LEO)? And what about the great tools like Steem Engine and Steem Keychain. Hopefully it won't require too much development effort to make these tools Hive-compatible.


Considering that this is just a straight fork of pre-existing code at first, I don't suspect they will have to make too many radical changes to things like KeyChain ( just some sexy new rebranding ). Steem-Engine, on the other hand, I'd love to know more about. Perhaps it's as easy as copying current chain-data & redistributing?

If SCOT tokens are entirely on-chain, then I would imagine it would all copy over as well, Steem Engine would just need to point to the new chain.

From what I understand, SCOT tokens are basically on their own "chain" ( I think it's actually just a database currently? ), but they get their data & value from transactions posted via Steem.

So, it should be "relatively" straightforward to port over to Hive ( I say relatively because of course it still be some work involved, don't wanna downplay the sleepless nights some devs are gonna have coming up lol )

No, the SCOT token transactions are all recorded on the Steem blockchain. They are processed by a different set of servers, though.

It is up to the developers of those products to decide what to do. Ask them or look for their announcements.

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