What Women Must Do To Win Back Their Home

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Am still on the tittle says A SIMPLE GUIDE TO PEACEFUL HOME.

Today am gonna discuss on WHAT WOMEN MUST DO TO WIN BACK THEIR HOME. when there's is conflict in your home.

Let me firstly set we can only use good to conquer evil and not evil to Conquer evil.

i. PRAYER - let the fire of prayer be on always. Women you need to be praying for your home always.

ii. ATTITUDE -- Women study your husband, detect what is putting him off and adjust. By doing that you would gain your home back.

iii. RESPECT AND SUBMISSION TO THE HEAD. When issue come up in your home, Man always want woman to remain silent when they are talking . they don't want their wife to be exchanging words with them. So, women, be submissive to your husband in every situation. And give respect always.

iv. COOK GOOD FOOD (tasty and quality according to provision). Cooking good food for your husband is one of the major thing to bring back your home. When a man eat good food at home it would always want to be eating that and no women would use food to snatch your husband.

v. MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS IN YOUR HOME. No man would like a dirty woman. Before your husband come back from work, make sure you tide up everywhere and well come him with good smell.

vi. SHOW CONCERN AND UNDERSTAND. Some women don't care about what their husband is going through. All what they want is gold and silver. No, it shouldn't be that way, when you see husband is not in good mood then call him the sweet name you use to call him and is not look good. Ask him with love, what happen? Even though both of you are fighting still show concern. And let him know that you understand his present situation. Then make all your best to make him smile.

vii. GIVE GIFTS OCCASIONALLY (AS SURPRISE). Many women have never give gift to their husband since they have got married. They believed it's man duties to buy things for them, let me say you're getting it wrong.
Anytime you go for an occasion, buy things for your husband and present it as gift. Make him happy always.

viii. EXERCISE PATIENCE IN ALL SITUATION. Anytime and an issue come up in your home, exercise patience. Even though your husband is at fault and he doesn't want to apologize, be patient and control your temper. A proverb says, two leaders can not drive a car at the same time.
So, when your husband is losing his temper, you as a wise women be patient.

The value of peace in the home is unquantifiable. Its priceless; there's nothing too big to be done to maintain peace. Both parties, man and women must do everything within their God given power to allow peace reign in their homes.

To be continued.

Value your marriage always, value each other always

Thank you for your time


Always Remember To Pray For Your Love Once.

Still Me, @Princefm.

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