This is my supporting post to help a brother @bayelgh get back on his feet after the hack. All payout is dedicated to him, at least for a headstart.

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It was I think last week that we all sat together to have a chat as friends: that was myself @YawGh, @demag, @anaman and @bayelgh. We encouraged each other to continuously provide good content for our dear steemit, and then at that moment, we all decided to sit and get something to write.

that was when we heard @bayelgh say his account had been hacked. He had no access anymore. His password wouldn't log him in, and he was totally locked out.

A password recovery was requested and we had to wait and hope that something would be done about it.
Yesterday he got the good news in his mail that he could now reset his password and take hold of his account once more.
@anaman helped with that, and before long, we all sprang to the account reasue.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-04 at 09.36.20.jpeg

that is @yawgh in blue

  • We realized the reputation was way below -0.4
  • All SBD that was previously in the wallet had been transferred to @contestbuddy
  • The account had been used to comment phishing links on so many posts, and that was what triggered the downvote streak.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-04 at 18.15.53.jpeg

And that is @anaman doing all he can to help put things in place for @bayelgh

  • We helped to get a post up in no time
  • We couldn't even load a picture into it cos the reputation was below 10 (>-0.4)
  • We did our best to spread the link across all post-promotion channels of our discord servers
  • We got a few people we had touch with to resteem the post

We have began seen positive changes in the reputation already, and we are all grateful to the entire community for the help and support.

This is my little bit I can do to help him too: that all that I gain reom this post, be it STEEM or SBD, I pledge to @bayelgh to help get on his feet better.
Lets all show some love!!!

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Sorry for the incident. It's not good to click on links here on steemit.

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