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I know that the community frowns at vote begging. When a user mostly new users, beg for votes, because they are the once that mostly beg for votes, they are either ignored, warned or even flagged for begging for votes by old members in the community.

Even me too, I use to frown at people who beg for votes and I have warned several users who have begged me for votes before not to go about begging for votes. But my thinking towards vote beggars is now changing, I don't easily frown at vote beggars anymore.

So why don't I frown at vote beggars anymore......?

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I don't frown at vote beggars anymore because I see steemit In the eye of the real world and In the real world you have beggars in different areas and so when a beggar comes to me for help, I like to see what I can do to help the beggar many of the time. I like to do good to people, and so if someone comes to meet me for help, especially financial help and am not able to help the person, I feel bad about it. So on steemit, I see people who beg for votes has people who need help and so I try to see how I can support them with the little votes I have.

I know begging for votes was not part of the way steemit was advertised to earn. The way steemit advertised was, that you post, and it will be upvoted by the community if they like it and then you earn and not post, beg for votes and earn. But I will say that there are many other things that go on steemit, that was not advertised initially about steemit, like selling of votes but it is becoming a normal thing to sell votes now.

But am not encouraging vote begging. I don't beg for votes and I don't think I will ever beg for votes. But if someone comes to beg me for votes I will consider it, because that might be the encouragement they need to stay in the community. But even after I have supported some vote beggars with my votes, I also tell them that they should not get used to begging for votes because it might irritate people.

So what I do is that when people come to ask me for votes, I check their post and upvote them, if it is OK with me, but i tell them that they should not get used to asking me for votes and that the only way to earn on steemit is to build relationships with others and there is no way around it.


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People like me will never beg for vote and the only thing that whales can do so as keep this community is to help the Plankton's to survive in this ocean ,either by advice or support via vote .

No man is an ireland we need others to survive .


Yes, you are correct, we need each other to survive on this platform, that is why we need to build relationships.

It truly depends you know. If someone will come up to me with no good reason and ask for a vote or a donation I will never consider it. We all worked for our votes and network you know.

But if someone is asking for support for a project explain the why and how it is a totaly different thing I find, and that is what people do not realize. You have to have a reason why I find YOU important enough for my vote I guess


Most people who beg for votes always present a post, so I think if somebody presents a post for you to vote it is enough reason.

I don't think steemit is all about what is important or not. It is a social media site, so we need to just relax sometimes and let our guard down.