From an Empty Patch of Land to a Forest and More with Earth Haven

Credit goes to everyone supporting Earth Haven. And a special shout out to my friends on the ground getting dirty: @gian, @kimzilla, @cerise, @maite, @lesliejohn, @leila, @fidelis, @joekou, and @sunettespies

Earth Haven outdoor build constructions have been somewhat inspired by the documentary,

Back to Eden Organic Gardening Film

To Learn more about the Earth Haven Project, watch the vid below and see the Earth Haven Patreon Page

Earth Haven - Planting the Seeds to Create Heaven on Earth

Cheers to an Extraordinary 2018

Check Out the Earth Haven Patreon Page

  • I really like the initiative of getting 1 million people to donate $1 or more a month. I like the idea that with a million people contributing a $1...that much good is possible...and over time....chunks of the earth can be rehabilitated and transformed into vibrant Earth Haven's. This is an initiative that showcases an example of potential when a small group of people stand together to support a worthwhile cause.

if you like this post steemit.jpg


this is very inspiring stuff. We need more of this type of thing on steemit to show some of the good going on in the world


I pledge $5 every month :)

Your last video is awesome my dear friend.

Thanks for sharing

Surely, heaven on the earth is possible like the video says Hard work is required. We should protect and love all the natural creation of our earth.
Great motivational and inspring article sir.

Time to go green think clean together we can do it :)

organic is the way to go

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