Q&A #1 - Newbie Support

Hey guys!
This post is for all the newbies out there! If there are any issues that you may have or if there are any questions you have, you can ask them here and I will be more than happy to help in any way I can!

I'll also post your questions and their answers in my post next week so as to help other minnows and newbies!

You can ask questions on anything you need help with whether it's regarding payouts or steempower or maybe even sending transactions! I'll be more than happy to guide to you!!


@welcome-to-steem please I want to know more on why when I upvote some post it adds some dollars for some while for others it will only indicate that I upvoted.

This could be due to 2 reasons:

#1 - Your Steem Power or voting power is very low and even though your upvote may be adding value to the post, you can't see it because the value is so small. For example lets say there's a post with a value of $1.15. If you upvote this, maybe your upvote added a value of $0.003 and therefore the post value may not look like it's changed even though it has increased in value

#2 - You may be upvoting posts that are more than 7 days old. Upvoting a post that is more than 7 days old does not add value to the post even though it may look like you've upvoted that person.

Hope that helped! :)

Wow! Very helpful. Thanks for the information

Hello, your post is very interesting, I am excited that you upload one for the newbies, I am starting in steemit I would love you to help me.

Thank you! You can message me here any time and I'll be more than happy to get back to you asap!

Thanks for this avenue to ask questions. Am a newbie and I have trying to upload a profile picture and wallpaper but kind of stuck editing. I even tried using postimage link that was approved here but still not working. Please how do I go about it?

Try uploading your image to imgur and then right click the image and click open image in new tab. Copy the URL of that link (should end with a .jpg or .png) and then go and paste it over here: https://steemit.com/@samhope/settings

Done! Really appreciate the help.

Have you tried imgur?

How can increasing steam power help us?

Steem power is what determines your vote value. So basically if you add more steem power, it can help you to get votes that are worth more.

So for instance, someone with a steem power of 3000, voting power of 100% and a voting weight of 100% can upvote a post to add $0.511 to its value. In contrast, someone with 300 steem power with a voting power of 100% and voting weight of 100% can only add $0.051 to a post's value.

A great resource for this is https://steemnow.com/upvotecalc.html

Thank you for your response.

Am here again. I uploaded a post some couple of hours ago. There was an increase in my upvoted fund but suddenly the fund started decreasing. From $7.03 to $6.94 as at the time am writing this. I don't know what will happen. Please what could be the cause?

The value that is being shown is in USD. As the value of steem and SBD fluctuate, so does the value shown on your post rewards!

Please you can't just be tired of my questioning. I want to drop a dtube video please how do I go about it?

Haha not at all! Always happy to help! :D

Alright first of all head on over to https://steemit.com/@samhope/transfers . You will see 3 tabs called "balance, permissions and password."

Click on permissions and then next to your posting key there should be a button that says "show private key."

Copy that and then head on over to

Use your username and posting key to log in.

After that head on over to

and upload any video you'd like :)

Thanks so much

Good day to you. Please I want to know how "Promote" icon works. I just spent 1sbd on it. Thanks.

Do you have a page like this but in spanish?

Thanks for the support i will follow you and if i face some problem i will knock you.

Hi. Yep you can message me on a post here or on steem.chat and I'll be more than happy to get back to you!

thanks a lot.

hello I came for you

Uhh... Not sure how to respond to that tbh x_x

I will follow you to see your future posts!

No fue necesario preguntar ya que lei las preguntas de otros novatos y las respuestas de usted. Fue de mucho provecho

Hi, thank you for having this support for us new steemians it means alot for me!
I have been Reading a lot but I still dont get any votes when i post things, at the same time I see others Put up posts and get plenty of votes- are My posts That bad or am I doing something wrong?

upvote n following back please..

Just a word of advice but please avoid asking people to upvote and follow back on posts. I have followed you because I like following new accounts but please understand that other people may not be nice enough to do that and they might just flag your posts which would lead to you losing reputation. The reason for that is that most people consider comments such as these to be spam and therefore hate them. Please be more careful next time because all you new people are the back bone of steemit and this platform relies on you guys creating more content to survive and I genuinely hate it when someone leaves this platform over disagreements.

Hope you will be more careful in the future. Until then however, here's an upvote and welcome to the community..... Welcome To Steem!! <3

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