Steem Undelegated? Question for the Community

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Hello Steemit!

When we created this account, we were delegated 28 Steem Power by the @steem bot. This morning, 8 hours ago, this was undelegated. We tried to Google and find the answer to why this occurred, but as far as we can tell, this just happens at a random time after your account has shown itself to be established and no longer needs the 28 delegated Steem Power in order to vote on posts.

Is this correct? Is it just a random fact of life that this initial 28 Steem Power will be undelegated at some point? Or is there something that we should be doing in order to retain the automatic delegation?

We are thinking that this is random, which is completely ok, we just want to make sure about that fact so that we aren't missing anything.


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Not sure about your problem but, it shouldn't take you long to earn that much steem. You'd be better served upvoting, posting and commenting to contribute positive content. If you're interested, I'm @markrmorrisjr and if you search the hashtag #dolphinschool, you'll find some articles I wrote on getting started. Been here 18 mos and I've done pretty well. From this post, you've got what it takes to make it, just start building an audience.


Thank you for your reply. We will look at what you suggest in your articles.

I have the same problem I stated with 28 SP and now I have only 15 SP. I think it is because there are very much new accounts coming and steem bot wants to save some power. I see lots of people having the problem for us minnows it's almost half power gets lost.

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