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I am more than slightly drunk right now and so therefore that means any brick wall I have built around me metaphorically is gone, so with this post there be a lot of swearing so if for some stupid reason you get offended by someone swearing in a blog post then click away and I’m sorry that you’re a bit of a pussy ✌🏼

Alright so NO I HAVE NOT OR AM NOT DRIVING WHILE DRUNK, this happened earlier today to me while I was driving FUCKING SOBER to work. For some reason I feel like I need to clear that up because you never know nowadays I don’t know.

So here I was, driving to work having a smoke ( CIGARETTE, Christ guys I don’t need to explain myself each time right?) however I was minding my own damn business....

THIS STUPID MOTHER FUCKER with half a brain and a bigger set of balls then I have decides: “Hey, this dump truck in front of me is slow- I’ll Pass him..”
So first off this happened on a bend in the road, and I was coming up ( YES, 10 over the speed limit- who gives a fuck? At least I wasn’t racing around trying to prove to no one that I have a bigger dick then everyone else) and here was this stupid van driving in the middle of the road- ON A FUCKING BEND.

I IMMEDIATELY pulled right off the road and into the ditch, I scrapped the front of this Asshole’s van while pulling away from him. As I came to a slamming halt, I roll down my window and tell him off as he had slammed on his brakes and pulled over behind the dump truck.

HEAVEN FOR FUCKING BID. I scratched his front bumper... that bitch asked for my insurance information and I denied him that information.

The cops were called, by me, and when they came out, they got mad at me for not displaying my insurance papers to the van driver. For the driver yelled at the officers that I had swerved into his lane and almost knocked him out.

The cops demanded my papers to be given over and the driver with the scratched bumper started to call it in.


You remember the dump truck? Yeah! MY HERO AND SAVIOUR..! The driver of the dump truck had been recording on his phone.
Now typically that’s illegal, but the dump truck driver was having issues with the van harassing him and shit so he recorded it all- even up to me being driven off the road.

As SOON as the cops saw this they demanded buddy got of his phone right away and sent me on my way apologizing and asked if I wanted to lay charges.. I said no because my car wasn’t really even damaged and I knew that Cunt van driver was already in so much shit that I didn’t want to get more involved.... PHEW

But could you imagine that? I almost ran into him head on because he was either trying to pass another vehicle on a bend in the road or he was trying to harass the poor dump truck some more. Because of carelessness and utter stupidity; someone could have died in the worst case.


  1. NEVER pass someone uphill
  2. NEVER pass someone downhill
  3. NEVER try to pass on a bend!

So needless to say I was late to work by two hours today.... fuck.

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