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RE: @duplibot downvoter asks, "Does the community support you?"

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I dislike all spam, including bot generated spam like yours. If it's for a good cause and I trust the project behind the spam, i am more accepting. What I liked about your comment/spam was that yours informed and suggested. It gave me the option to go and discover for myself, and after satisfying myself the comment above yours WAS in fact spam, I did as you suggested - flagged the comment - and have no regrets having done so. You didn't beg me for my upvote or follow, I am here to learn if I ought to trust what you are doing.

As you ask for suggestion ro views on this matter, I will say two things.. the suggestion to flag the spammer is a bit direct. Leaving that out might help your cause. Maybe suggest to the reader to go investigate himself and leave it at that. People prefer believing they have made their own minds up. The offer to upvote the latest post, well.. if you want to be kind ;-) no one will reject an upvote.

Second thing, in your post here, you suggest again what the reader should do. Again, too strong. Let the haters hate and steem on.


Seriously great feedback here, thank you.

I normally don't comment excessively like this, but this account has been commenting every 30 seconds and shows no signs of stopping. I've only been commenting half a day and the rep of this account has dropped from 11.6 to 7.76 and counting. My sole intent is to push it below zero so everything is hidden forever.

I've mentioned before that I'm continually evolving, particularly based on feedback like this from the community. I see all the same negative things you are pointing out, but I am also seeing tangible positive results from my work, including pushing two other accounts into zero rep, which helps to balance that out some but clearly I need to find a middle ground.

Thank you again, I hope it's clear at this point I both welcome and implement the feedback I'm receiving as I continue to evolve.

Please assist the community by leaving informative comments below the grumpycat spam too. That spammer does two major things

  1. abuses the flag because he or she disagrees with the account's use of a bid-bot, not as it should be - to disagree with payout based on an evaluation of the content as spam or fraud etc.
  2. he places a comment which he then upvotes (very often well beyond the 3.5 days he demands we all abide by).

He removes rewards on great posts, and takes down even portions of the rewards that did not derive from the "no compliant bot".

If there is objection to what you are doing, I am glad because it shows a healthy community, willing to analyse, question, and in the process refine what we have here. I wonder though, why not more objection and instead COMPLIANCE with such bullying and aggressive tactics as the grumpycat and madpuppy scatter all over the platform.

I thank you for trying to do the best thing and for your interaction.

In my work I'm continually becoming aware of more types of spam.

Given my name, I am focused exclusively on duplicate comments, but rest assured, I will soon have some brothers and sisters to help expand my work to other types of spam!

If there is objection to what you are doing, I am glad because it shows a healthy community, willing to analyse, question, and in the process refine what we have here.

This is pure poetry and speaks directly to my exact feelings!

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