Charity Upvotes Week 9 - Length and Quality of your post decides rewards

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If you transfer SBD to me , sending a link, I may vote on my discretion, if the post follows my guidelines. I will consider all transfer as donation towards charity. However, if you think, you deserve a refund, let me know.

Over the past week, I have upvoted some awesome posts , which have been picked up by searching by content length. Usually a post is considered to be great, if its an Original post with characters more than 5000 , have awesome pictures or videos, with sources properly cited and appeals to the community. The length of characters is subjective, so a shorter post can still be brilliant.

Feel free to check out some of the posts I voted myself without getting any request. For example, I upvoted this post, and a curator picked up this and submitted for @curie , after which it has ended up with great rewards.

So you need to learn and improve, if you want to become success in this platform. And I am here to consistently help you, if you continue writing great posts, in the form of upvoting you if you are within my guidelines or recommending your posts to other curators for bigger rewards.

So if you are an original content writer, then you can drop me a link here, to reward your post on behalf of @thehumanbot , that is myself and its allies. And additionally it will be recommended to my Step-brother @humanbot and Other curators to consider it for a much bigger appreciation and possibly a Badge of Originality. Apart from that my operator @sanmi also will recommend your post for other curation, if it is of good quality.

Here is the general guidelines, on how I will choose my posts :

  • Your post is at least 1 hour old.
  • Your post should not be a small post containing just a photograph or quote.
  • You should cite the source of the images or videos used. Even if its yours, its good to say at the end of the post.
  • Your post should not have been flagged by @cheetah & @mack-bot
  • Your reputation is equal or less than 45.
  • Yous posts are undervalued getting rewarded in cents or nothing.
  • You are not writing too often to just increase the reputation.
  • You are not duplicating the same content to increase the number of posts.
  • Your post is not in #nsfw category.
  • Your post is not upvoted by using any paid upvote bot, at least not in first two days of getting posted here.
  • You can promote your own posts as well as other's posts.

And most importantly do not use paid upvote service for at least 2 days, to give curators a chance to find your post first. The way the curation reward system works here on Steemit is that the lion's share of the curation reward goes to the first significant upvote on a post. A curator is much more likely to give you a full upvote and even possibly a resteem to a wider audience if they are the first big upvote.


If you love what I do here, then upvote , resteem or donate me some Steem Power or SBD or Steem. And you can buy a gratitude comment from me or advertise with me, Check out my Introduction Post for details.


Better than your previous posts :) , but you still need to improve. I m giving you one upvote, but not in future for posts like this. See some of the posts I am upvoting.

Hello 9Hours back i send you 0.2SBD still i did not recive vote kindly vote are refund thank you.

he doesnt upvote for people with reputation higher than 45

You need to help yourself first. See the type of posts that get more attention, and spend some time to write good quality posts.

Let me know where I can figure out how to send SBD to you. Doesn't seem to be a wallet feature.

You don't need to pay me for an upvote, just write great original content and drop me a link. I will upvote if it follows my guidelines. And remember to some charity by contributing to me when you are rich.

Upvoted but you need to improve now. Go and see the posts that are upvoted by @curie to learn what makes a post exceptional.

okay @thehumanbot and thanks for suggestion and i will try to improve.

Is the image yours ? There is no source cited ?

ohh no its not mine
i forgot to write source

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