Busy Week just Keeps On Trucking

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Time is just flying by at an alarming rate, It seems like since we went full bore with Palnet, my time is just slipping past me.


But there have been some great things happening.

We finally have the announcement that decimal precision is happening. https://www.palnet.io/steem-engine/@aggroed/hard-fork-announcement-for-steem-engine-delegation-and-decimal-precision-going-live-on-tuesday-at-8pm

This was due to needing a hard-fork on Steem-engine, which is why it took so long to get into Palnet. But the Devs were working their asses off to get this going and honestly it's a much welcomed change.

This should fix the issues with curation if your account is small. Again, a welcomed good change. I can't tell you how many back-room chatter has gone on about how this may be the most important thing we needed fixed.

We are listening and we're making changes when and where we can.

Other things we have been discussing is how to encourage the best posts possible. We are hand curating many posts with the hope that you guys get the hint that quality (yes subjective) will be rewarded by the stake holders. We have also created the account @nopal4u to remove payouts from some of the moderators so you don't continue to see our posts on trending and possibly remove value from some accounts that are trying to abuse the system. We want real people making real posts to feel like it's worth it. We are still working on an actual frame-work of guidelines.


In personal news, I am up to my assholes in being swamped. I'm moving in a few weeks, my in-laws are in town this weekend which will end up being spent in San Antonio, and I've been training a brand new graduate PTA. While it's been fun to watch his eyes widen from his book learnin' to real life, he also is only into martial arts, so I'm glad THAT conversation is over.

Oh. and in GREAT news.


I've been watching hockey since 1986 when the Blues pulled off the Monday Night Miracle and then proceeded to not win game 7.. Or any other year despite having some great teams. I've been alive for 3 World Series Wins from my Cardinals and 4 other appearances to take it all, but Wednesday night was special for me. @isaria is just a bit tired of hearing me go on and on about it. :)


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Nice work all. Looking forward to even more changes. Decimals is big for the small accounts.

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Some nice updates coming in and everyone is doing an amazing job. Also congrats to BLUES!!! Epic win

I'm still giddy about the Blues.

@swelker101 you are one of the unsung heroes of Steemit.

I hope you're doing well.

Where in the wide world of sports have you been?

Swelker, is this your fault too? LOL
It will be interesting to see if the steem-engine hard fork goes smoothly, or like the last steem hard clusterf...

It should, we have people that care. :)

Well, that might help. :-)

be thankful that you're not a Leafs fan... sister has been alive for 50+ years and has not seen them win the cup

I went nearly that long!

I'd really like to see some of the unclaimed PAL tokens utilized as a reward pool for hosting a talent show. The contest could last a certain time and then the topic or genre would switch, for example from painting to singing. I think something like this could bring a lot of value over here to Steem and Palnet.

I hope you guys at least play a bit with the idea and see how it starts to sound. We could be the one and only global talent show, which people can attend to from their homes even. And talent always attracts viewers, fans and such!

Thanks for the info, you have been doing great in that area. Congrats too.

@sweleker101 - I am not a huge hockey fan, but I respect what the players are able to do on the ice. The third period was winding down, and I made all of my kiddos stay up to watch the last ten minutes. Not everyday you watch a team from your state when a national championship.

A lot of proud people in the Show Me State, myself included.

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@swelker101, One idea is always inspiring when we talks about the Content Ecosystem and that is rewards for the value. And in my opinion PALNET really rised like new opportunity and i am waiting to see where this journey going. Stay blessed.

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We are slowly getting there. THanks for the update. I was so excited yesternight when i saw @aggroed post about the update. Curating and seeing 0 on the curated post is very much discouraging. Waiting patiently for Tuesday Night