Proudly Introducing My Little Brother Max To The Steem Community! 💙

in community •  9 months ago
Family is not an important thing. It's everything. - Michael J. Fox

I couldn't agree more, Michael!

My brother Max is one of the most important people in my life, and I'm happy to introduce him to the Steem community today. Please welcome @philmax!

Max was given his Steemit account for Christmas. Only due to an extraordinary high workload he hasn't been able to personally introduce himself yet. That's why I decided to do the very first step on his behalf now.

Besides setting up the account, I also transfered a little amount of Steem to Max' account. When the Steem price started to increase considerably in January we both agreed that this was a hell of a Christmas present! :-)

Now we only need to convert Max into an active member of this community.

Say hello to @philmax, the coolest brother on Earth!

Adrenaline seekers

I guess it won't surprise you much if I tell you that my brother loves bungee jumping.

Apparently the passion for extreme sports is part of our family's DNA.

Max has been working for a German extreme sports agency since a couple of years now. Over time he has graduated to a leading position in the agency's bungee jumping team. That position also enabled him to do numerous test jumps at many different spots in Europe over time.

I'm not lying if I tell you that he's a true professional.

One of his most spectacular stunts is surely the following backwards jump. My heart still skips a beat even though I have watched this uncountable times:

Besides his passion for extreme sports, Max is an extraordinary generous, humorous and warmhearted person.

He's German but speaks Spanish fluently, so he may also consider to start blog posting in the community of @cervantes.

But before telling too many secrets about him, we should rather wait for his own introduction. Please feel free to start following him and also to leave some motivational comments below. That may accelerate the process :-)

@philmax, love you to the moon and back! 💙

Your sister,
Marly -

Thanks for your valuable time!
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aiming to provide stories for open-minded
people who enjoy living on the edge of their lives,
stepping out of comfort zones, going on adventure,
doing extreme sports and embracing the new.
Welcome to the too-much-energy-blog!

PS: Don't forget that this is a troll-free zone.

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Welcome to Steemit @philmax
@surfermarly Did you know your brother is actually spiderman? That back flip bungee was so cool :)


Haha, I had no idea until watching this video! :-)
Great comment.


Your brother is a good and friendly person. you are lucky because you have a good friends. I mean your brother.


@lucygarrod yes he his. Following you

Wow, a love for extreme sports must run in the family! I will be sure to stop by his page and say hello! He will do great on here with you as a guide. :-)

I totally get how exciting it is to get someone you know to join the platform! It’s natural to want to share this amazing place with those that you love. I actually just got my sister, @maryjaney signed up as well, and couldn’t be more excited!


Lovely! Thanks for your support, Lea :-)
Great to know that your sister is on board, too. I'll start to follow her NOW :-)
Family rules!


Aww you are awesome!! Following your bro too! Can’t wait to see what awesome stuff he posts about. :-)

The family DNA was the first thing I thought about, when I saw this video on Facebook! ^^ I am curious. Haven't seen him for a while!


I think the hunger for adventure is daddy's heritage :-)

Prima, gut gemacht! Bestimmt eine Bereicherung - ich lass meine Family lieber raus hier - brauch ja irgendwo meine Ruhe :-)


Haha, guter Punkt!
Bis jetzt hat Max sich ja auch noch zurückgehalten. Mal sehen, ob er eines Tages genauso Feuer fängt wie seine Schwester :-)

Welcome @philmax ! I felt butterflies in my belly from watching that video :D You're brother is really brave. I'm a bit afraid of heights but I would still love to try bungee jumping! Doesn't it hurt to smash into the water like that? It looks like it might have hurt.


If you enter the water with your hands/arms first - like when you do a regular header into the water - it doesn't hurt at all.

It also gives me the goose bumps when watching him like that! Especially doing a back flip requires a lot of body control. Aaaaw I'm just soooo proud of him, I guess it's not too difficult to read that between the lines :-))


I see! ^_^ I can definitely tell that you're proud! And yeah, the back flip was really cool :)

Wellcome brother @philmax becoming the part of our Steem active now, my best wishes for you. @surfermarly thats realy a wonderful way to introduce your lovely brother here, it is very honor for MAX and how lucky he is , that her sister introducing and supporting him. My support always with him. FOLLOWED him.


Thanks for your lovely words!
I'm very proud of him, so that's what you might read bettween the lines :-)

I get why you named yourself "surfermarly" - marly a surfer and the cool steemit surfing symbol as well, now i am wondering why "philmax" --- what will his symbol be?⁦☺️⁩

🐜 icipating!!


Haha, we'll find it out! :-)


Is it open to suggestions?
I think i have an 💡
Dunno if you guys will like it though😊

Where can i share it with you?

Welcome Max! Great vid! Ballz.


Haha, I just love the moment when his buddy says: Abracadabra... and then he flies! :-)

Mucha suerte para tu hermano, siguiéndolo desde ya, saludos :D


Muchas gracias! :-) Saludos y buen finde para tí


Gracias amiga, igualmente :D

Whats up to both of you, tell Spiderman whatsup from Muscleroast!

I say welcome to steemit.
your sister that seems very tough can be seen from the sport that he did ..

love to read your post. thanks for sharing

Nice video sir..IMG_3436.GIF

Hello @philmax! You have a very brave brother! :D.. I wouldn't dare to do that! I am afraid of heights! :S

hello @surfermarly welcome to steemit, a beautiful sister, hope her sister can also like her sister in steemit to give something mafanaat for all its,
thank you

Welcome, @philmax @surfermarly! Wow, cool back flip!

Welcome @phillmax to Steemit. I do hope you will enjoy your stay in the community. @surfermarley has spoken well of you. Thanks for being such a wonderful brother but do not be too involved in extreme sports. Just be kind to yourself. Okay?

welcome @philmax, I love your videos and I appreciate them

Welcome to Steemit @philmax! I am following you waiting for your latest adventures. Great that you have your brother here too, @surfermarly!

Welcome @surfermarly awesome pics ! Hope you enjoy the steemit community! If you’re looking for breaking news, tips and anything crypto, make sure to follow us! We do multiple videos per day. If you have any request/questions let us know - we're happy to help!

Welcome philmax.. You are amazing like your sister.. Hope we ll see your talent here..

the boy is an artist and it's good that you support him with Steemit

Say you a very warm welcome @philmax to this superb platform Man. Lets succeed rock together :) :)

This is so great! You got the great point here......

So now we've got a little version of Surfermarley? I will definitely check him out.


Yeah well little... :-)

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Willkommen an dein Bruderherz @philmax
Sorry, dass der Isotonic Kollege hier so ein DIN A0 Post drunter gezettelt hat.
War aber der erste Versuch, weil meine Votepower das nicht her gibt.

Eigentlich bin ich ja nur hier gelandet, um mich für einen 6 Monate alten Kommentar zu bedanken. Lange nicht mehr so gelacht obwohl es nur 2 Zeilen waren :D

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Surf on!


Haha, ich erinnere mich! :-) Das war ein Post vom Österreicher. Großartiger Dialog!
Kein Problem mit dem Poster... bisschen Farbe tut den Kommentaren hier immer gut :-)
Schönes Wochenende!


Das war ein Post vom Österreicher. Großartiger Dialog!

Auf jeden Fall - ich hab heftig lachen müssen.
Btw sollte man mal prüfen ob die Nutzernamen noch frei sind.
TaliBot war auch grandios :)

Dir auch ein schönes Weekend, wo immer du auch gerade die Wellen reitest ;)

My...... He's handsome. And bungee jumping a 'wow' sport. But it makes my heart skip a beat.
Welcome to Steemit @philmax

Welcome @philmax to the most amazing community of Steemit !He sure will be liking this community even more once he gets onto it more often :)

Nice support from a beautiful Sister !

Welcome brother@philmax. And kudos to your flying like spiderman. Can't wait to see more of your steem fun. Welcome to the brotherhood again. @surfermaly thanks for the great commitment following you and your brother right away.

Wow @surfermarly, you are very dedicated here.
I appreciate your dedication.

Welcome to steemit! Enjoy :)

What the!!! This is really crazy! Hahaha... While watching the video my two legs is shaking!!! hahaha... BRAVO!!!

Extraordinary work ,WOW

Great to see you again @surfermarly. Here is something for you and your brother @philmax, adrenaline seekers :)

Hi! I read your post and I love it!! I'm venezuelan and new on steemit. I think that I should practice my English (and also my Spanish, haha) because I have to spend a lot of time thinking how to write an interesting and funny post to introduce me on steemit.. I would like to have someone like you who help me to make a presentation for me hahaha.

Ohh howdy @philmax , welcome to steemit

Good post, Follow me if you like mine :)


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Welcome to steemit ..
I invite you to visit my blog

This is great! It's a family affair! hi @philmax <3

I'm working on getting my mom on here too :)

So what is it about your family and seeking the thrills? I'd love to hear about the kind of adventures you two got up to as children :D

Also, at what ages did you two start learning Spanish?