Suesa's Mentorship - Round 2

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It took a while but I'm through with my first set of mentees!
It was an interesting experience with some unexpected problems, but I think especially three of my mentees were happy how it turned out - at least that's what they told me when I asked them to summarize their experience.

Working with Suesa was a great experience. The program enabled me to fine-tune my writing skills and pay attention to details I otherwise probably wouldn't have caught onto. I really recommend working with Suesa, if not for writing and grammar help, inspiration and brainstorming. It was well worth the time and effort!


I got selected for the second-week slot for the Fellowship.
And then this guy before me opted out, No Idea why tho. so I got selected for the mentorship.
We got our schedule managed according to her school and my job. And the time zone difference of course.
She managed to do school, Write Blogs, And still manage to take out time to teach me. :P I am so thankful of her. If asked for the best thing she taught me, I would say she taught me to write like we are talking to the audience in person. [...] I can't Thank you enough for taking the time from your school and blogging, to teach me how to be a writer. You are the best, thanks for everything. :)

@arrjey (he actually sent me a whole page of feedback, so you only get some quotes. He said he might post the whole thing though.)

It was an eye-opener. Even though I have earlier benefited a lot from reading and studying her blog, I never knew I could still benefit that much from the mentorship. First, she introduced me to - a multiple user editor and then Grammarly for fixing grammatical issues. Then I learned not to always style my articles in the 'WebMD' way. I learned that every little detail matters and above all, I really enjoyed the one on one attention from her 😊


Encouraged by this feedback, I’m ready for round two!

How it works

At the end of this post, there will be a google form which you can use to apply for the mentorship. Please note that just because you signed up, it doesn’t mean you’ll be picked! My time is limited, so I’ll choose who I think will be the best fit.
Your benefits during the mentorship will be:

  • 1 week (when exactly that will be depends on your and my schedule) of me paying close attention to your posts, reading them before you post them and trying to help you improve, up to one post a day.

  • A 100% upvote on every post we worked on together

  • A 200 SP delegation for the whole week

  • Your post will be dropped to the steemSTEM curation team (Important: That does not guarantee an upvote from steemSTEM!)

The Requirements

  • Your Reputation is below 60 (at the point of you applying)
  • Your SP is below 2000 (including delegation from others)
  • Your payouts are, on average, not higher than $10
  • You write about science (no fiction this time, sorry guys)
  • You’re fluent in either German or English and will write your posts in one of these languages
  • You’ll write at least 2 posts in the week I’m mentoring you
  • You have at least a basic understanding of copyright and try to avoid plagiarism


I can’t promise you that, even if you get a spot, you’ll be mentored immediately, as I just started the research for my bachelor thesis and it’s impossible for me to mentor someone each week. @suesa

Click here to apply for the mentorship! And yes, it’s free.

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Can I still apply? At least,I do not see any rule that says I cannot :)


Technically you can but I wouldn't pick anyone twice :P


Your experiment is biased xD

You're doing an awesome thing by helping out others in our community. Thanks!

It seems that you're doing a great job right there @suesa. If only each of those whales here can teach 2 or 3 people about steemit and how to improve their work like you do, then everyone should be happy ^^.


@suesa, such a lovely heart you have dear, glad you are done with the first done.

I am double sure the second round will be more awesome.

Keep up the good job dear.

You have such a beautiful heart

Can I be your mentee? Some "follow for follow"'s? Sorry for the bad joke, but it is late, I am tired and my stupid joke made me at least laughing :D

Good luck to all of those who will try to get a mentorship :)

You are the kindest woman ever @suesa, I hope you find a very deserving science lover for your program! Although I love science, I am not who you are looking for! Best of luck finding that lucky person!

You are awesome suesa, Thanks a lot for doing this for us. You're the best.
:P <3


Oh how very nice and kind of you, but I'm not able to participate cos I don't post science related topics 😔.. Thank you all the same.

This is so great what you are doing, I have encountered you on numerous occasions in the chats, and you were always extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Best of luck with this, whoever you assist is very lucky :-)

Kewp up the good work! I feel like a lot of the focus lately has been on attracting new users, rather than helping existing users improve their writing, so this is a great step in that direction!

I just got disqualified :)
Awesome program you are running here. I know one of your mentee, he's doing amazingly well. Kudos.


Well you're already doing not that bad :P


I'd like to think so too :)



Great idea! I'm fully supporting it! Resteeming it and hopefully it would reach more people who might sign up :)


Thank you!

That's a very nice program you're running.

Unfortunately, I'm too proud to apply ;-)




Your loss :P

I feel like I want to apply for S&G but I also feel like that might lead to a 100% vote, just with a negative sign in front of it. I could always apply for real since I do meet the requirements :D

You do good!

I would apply, but I don't really write about the sciences, so I don't think I fit the bill.

Nevertheless, thank you for doing this for the Steemit community. It's a wonderful, selfless initiative, to benefit not only the platform but the people on it. You're a good egg, @suesa. :)

Ok, you have high-quality posts but you also have "hi-quality" spams, perfect for relaxation reading in the morning.

Just some classic spam from me as contribution:

It's great to see the growth of scientific community

This is a wonderful and generous service, and your mentees are lucky to have you. I still don't understand where you find the energy for all these projects, but best of luck to you and your students!


I don't know either ^^'

Cool seeing such positive feedback. Even I learn some of these from you, such as Hackmd... never looked back!

Good work dear, @suesa. Love the beautiful reviews i read, you really did impart.


I would really like to apply cos I really need this @suesa

Great service, Very helpful. Thank you suesa!

This is amazing @Suesa, helping us to improve our writting skills and so much more. Now this is thinking outside the box. Thanks for your dedication.

Thank you @suesa for the opportunity. I'm applying right away.

Very good. Good luck @suesa

Really this is a great idea to promote himself through this mentorship. I think you will touch your goal soon. Your creativity really impressed me. Go ahead dear, We are with you. You will be success in this platform.

A man's success is not measured by the amount of wealth he has but by the amount of happiness he has created around him.

@suesa you are a rare gem on this platform, i am always eager to read your posts not because of anything but because there is always something to learn from you (your writing skills are superb and I'm still learning). For someone like me, its a privilege.

Your sense of humor too especially towards spammers

You're doing a great job.. I'm nothing in the science line... But I wish you all the best... @suesa

You are always doing amazing things for people, either here or in chat. It's always good. The people who get picked are truly lucky because she's amazing in teaching things to people. I wish i had some science knowledge so i could actually apply, but unfortunately i don't. Congratulations to the people who do get picked tho and big thanks to @suesa for doing this.

It amazing what you are doing here @suesa and as much as had wish to apply, am still a bit skeptical because there is this feeling i haven't put in enough effort here to deserve a mentor. Will be looking forward to applying when next an opportunity pops up and i hope by then i have put in enough effort to be considered.

This is a nice one and moreso with the benefits attached.
My blog is dedicated just to SCIENCE &TECHNOLOGY and here you are talking about same.
I shall apply and hope i'll be mentored for a better journey here on steemit

Thanks you suesa for doing this. i got to know of the program through @pangoli on steemstem discord channel after expressing my difficulties. he said you could help. Honestly he was right about you. you are amazing and selfless.

First experience, This is a especial moment of life.

Am just unlucky with suesa, lol. The first time I applied, slots were filled and now... every of the requirement disqualifies me... Lol

Nice work, @suesa

I am very supportive and like science, and you @suesa is very good in this field, but I am not the person you are looking for, sorry 😕 hope you find the right person.

This will be helpful for lot of newbies here. Thank you for doing this. Btw I have a query: In @arrjey 's testimonial he mentions that you told not to use & in articles. Any specific reason? Is it because to make the article more professional by making use of "and" instead.


It just disrupts the reading flow and he used it a lot.

Your payouts are, on average, not higher than $10

Is there no exception? ._.


No exception, this program is to help those who don't earn much yet.

this is very generous of you @suesa, despite being busy from your studies, you still find time to help and mentor minnows. this just shows your dedication in teaching and passion in science.
hope i can be shortlisted. hehe
have a great day ahead!

Would love to apply.
But internal exams and all and also the Thesis. And also Finals!
Round 3, is what i'll be waiting for.

Gave it a good thought, Applying. :) [edited]

I would have love to apply for something of this great importance, but I'm qualified for other requirements except for science.

So bad, I am a creative and not really a science guy.

But kudos to you, for this amazing initiative!

I was so happy when I stared reading, but when I got to the requirements, mood changed, I got disqualified.
But this is really nice @suesa, keep the good work up

This is such a wonderful initiative and I feel overwhelmed even to comment on it!
Resteemed of course for further visibility...
I have applied but my topics are not 100% science related, so maybe it is better to give this place to the younger scientists out there.. 🔬⚗
Best to Everyone and I would love to know more about your Thesis :)

This is great, i believe after the mentorship the steemian will be good to go and his steemit blog would have been approved.

This is a really good initiative. You've a really big heart. Never giving up on we minnows. Thanks for this opportunity. God bless you