(#1) [STEEMIT HACKS] How to get MORE upvotes on your POSTS!

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These are some hacks that will be sure to give you more upvotes on your posts, so listen closely!

(these are just the first 3 tips, this is only part 1. Keep a close eye out for part 2!)

1. Steemit 'Support' Groups

When I say support groups, I mean communities. Specifically, communities that help each other out.

Joining a Steemit community has a lot of benefits, your content is seen by more people, some communities have upvote bots for their members.

You may of heard of the more popular ones such as the Minnow Support Group, or some not as well known groups such as #MinnowsUnite.

For those of you who don't know the term 'Minnow' refers to the class/status of your account. Minnow is the lowest, Whale is the highest, and Dolphin is the middle class. To become a Dolphin all you need is 5000+ Steem Power. For Whale you need 50,000+ Steem Power.

2. Using Tags Properly

Many people don't realize that to be successful on steemit you have to use tags properly.

Most new steemians use plain and simple tags such as #steemit, #steem, #blog and #life.

Now when you look at the new posts section of those tags you see a common trend. There seem to be posts nearly EVERY 10 seconds!

That's a lot of posts! Specifically 360 posts an HOUR. If you make posts with these tags, there is certainly going to be less traffic towards your posts.

So I would recommend using lesser known tags. Such as #science, #history, #planes, #hiking, etc. Tags mostly related to your posts.

3. Commenting on other peoples posts!

This might seem odd, considering you are not DIRECTLY getting upvotes for your posts, but trust me this will definitely help a lot.

Commenting on posts increases your popularity, and most authors will probably upvote your comments.
Some comments can get greater than $2.00 SBD!
When you comment on a post the author is also more likely to follow you and upvote YOUR upcoming posts.
This increases traffic towards your account and the author might also re-steem your posts to their followers!

So now with your new found knowledge go and comment, join support groups, and use better tags!

(don't forget to keep an eye out for part 2!!!)
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