Steemitri The Mannequin's QR-code GIF roulette

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Dear Steemians,

Today’s post is very simple and it will allow you to play a little bit, have fun and maybe you’ll win a nice prize.

Put your work aside, call in sick, pretend to go on vacation or figure out any other type of excuse... sit down for a few hours and days in front of this post and play this innovative game:

The QR code GIF roulette!


As you well know, to play the roulette is not for free… and in this case, it will only cost you an “upvote” :-)

Also, this roulette is composed by 36 numbers (slides) and a “0” (Steemitri’s zero).

You will need an app that recognizes QR codes… point at the GIF and follow the instructions.


It is possible that the most creative results will be awarded with a few SBD.

Good luck and have fun!


Steemitri The Mannequin

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Ho vinto! Sono ricco? xD

... ed ecco un bel upvote come premio!
Ora sei un pochino più ricco!
Riprova riprova!

Ahah grazie!

First of all, I honestly think you should consider wearing that yellow wig more often, it suits you xD!

Then, all yours, dear:


Oh!!!!! I love it!!!

I already have your be prepared ! ^_^

Oh greaaaaat :-)
I'm here... I will wait and check my letterbox everyday ;-)

hehe, allow me some time to prepare a little something wanna have fun.png

Ooooh man I'm getting dizzy!

Yeah I know... you are going to dream about Steemitri... but did you win?!?

Incredibile come @steemitri riesca a mantenere sempre la stessa espressione...mostruoso!!

Haha, che talento Steemitri :-)

Solo per il fatto d'avermi fatto scaricare un app per leggere i QR code, ti direi che sei un genio. Comunque il risultato è lo stesso gattino di @dexpatacus :D

Grandissimo! Questo sì che è impegnarsi al massimo!
Attenzione che questa roulette può creare dipendenza ;-)

Ciao @steemitri! Mi sono fatta prendere dall'entusiasmo e mi ha sgridato al quarto tentativo... "How many times have you tried?!?! Leave your experience in the comments".
Io ti adoro <3

Haha! Grande @isakost! Ora a nanna però!

Hola amigo @steemitri tiempo sin saludarte! ya estoy aquí un gusto también en participar en tu idea creativa! jajaajaj me atreví y jugué a la ruleta y me salió esto


De una vez tuve una idea y si bailamos:

Yo se que tus movimientos son muy limitados pero sacaríamos chispas en la pista! y tengo la canción perfecta ! saludos amigo

Vamos a bailar!!! Yeah!!!

hola mi amigo @steemitri como siempre con tus ocurrencias aqui esta mi resultado y creo que estoy de suerte

Asi me siento en este momento:

Gracias por estas locas ideas! Por ser ganador voy hacer mi lista de agradecimientos.

Yeah, gracias por jugar!
Està buena la GIF de Tha Mask, haha


I 'won' an endless spinning roulette table gif!? :D



Continui a stupire positivamente nei tuoi post, formate una coppia davvero ben assortita ed insuperabile, avanti tutta @steemitri!!!

Grazie mille per essere a passato al "casinò" ;-)


That's a great win! Yeah!

muy bueno, intentare participar jejejej, saludos.

Vamos a ver cuanta suerte tienes :-)

Did I get right?

Yeah... Welcome to Las Steemitris!

Oh look.

Playing is good!

This is my result after scanning.

Maybe you won... but I don't know.

Mitico Steemitri! Ho usato il QR code Reader ed il risultato è....

Giù le mani dal malloppo!


This cat reminds me of my sister hahahaha


Yo... Another cat trying to steal your money :-)

Come on... Try again ;-)

holy s.. i tried and is this true?

You won... I don't know what, but today you won... Lucky you!

hahaha :(

Not really understanding this

You just need a QR code reader... and you will have a lot of fun ;-)

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