Steemitri The Mannequin: 1-year anniversary on Steemit - Let's celebrate with my STEEM-BANANA-CAKE

in community •  4 months ago

Hello to all my followers and non-followers!

With excitement and joy, I wanted to let you know that the 9th of July 2018 was my 1-year anniversary on Steemit!!!


If you are in the area, drop by for a visit and we’ll celebrate together with my yummie STEEM-BANANA-CAKE!

In these months I met many steemians and it has been awesome so far to interact with y’all!
Without your comments and inputs, Steemitri The Mannequin wouldn’t be able to carry on with his unique and crazy blog!

I preferred not to make a thank you list to avoid to forget somebody.

A special mention goes to @dexpartacus, a great Italian user, with whom I connected from the very beginning.

He remembered my Steemit birthdate and he dedicated a song to me!
You can find it here!

It didn’t end it here… he also sent me a small gift!
A shiny bright red tie with ol’ Donald Duck! Thank you @dexpartacus!

I will wear it in very special occasions… may it be a date or a job interview!

Here’s the postcard that I will hang on Steemitri’s Wall!

Thank you so much to everyone!!

Steemitri The Mannequin


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Ancora auguroni!!!!


Grazie carissimo!!!
... e avanti un altro annetto!


e tra un anno la Steem-Banana diventerà un must!!! :)))

HAPPY B-DAY @steemitri!!!
B is for Banana!


Thanks a lot @moncia90 !!!
Hahaha my Banana-Day :-)

Sei una vera miniera di iniziative ed inventive, le banane che ricalcano il logo di Steemit mi hanno strappato più di una risata, grandissimo @steemitri, Tanti Auguroni di 100 di questi giorni!!!


Grazie Mad!!! Già che non sono in grado di fare molto, cerco di intrattenere e far divertire i miei amici steemians!!!
Un salutone dalla Svizzera!
Steemitri The Mannequin

2t57ix8v77.png our lovely mannequin friend !!

Barbara & Luigi


Hey guys!!!
Thanks for the cupcake!!! I love it!!!
Super mega big hug!
Steemitri The Mannequin

Hahaha, those Steem-Bananas!!! Very very creative! This cracked me up the moment I opened the post :D

Happy anniversary, Steemitri and thanks for always making us laugh!


Thanks a lot Anja! Will try to do some other funny stuff in the next months ;-)
Liebe Grüsse
Dein Steemitri ;-)

Ueeee, sono un po' in ritardo, mitico manichino, quindi:

Passata la festa, gabbato lu santo,
felicissima festa di non compleanno!

Le banane steemmate sono davvero geniali, LOL... COMPLIMENTI!

Un festoso abbraccio da @amico!


Un buon non-compleanno a me!!! Evviva!
Grazieee per il messaggio!
Un salutone!
Lu manichino!

Good job steemitri. I never did send you a day.


Thanks @donnadavisart :-)
Would be great to have a postcard from you... Steemitri's Wall is waiting... ;-)

Complimenti per il traguardo


Grazie millissimo @serialfiller :-)

Auguri caro amico plasticoso! La tua originalità è ineguagliabile e... il tuo viso non mostra alcun incedere del tempo! :D


Grazie tante @miti!!!
... ma qualche graffio me lo sono fatto... fra un po' avrò bisogno di un lifting hahaha

Happy anniversary! 😊


Thanks a lot @grof!

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary on steemit... That's an amazing accomplishment 😉👍 I celebrated mine in June so its crazy how fast time goes.. Lol
Well deserve to celebrate 🎉🎉 wohooo!!
Hope for another great year for you. Cheers!


Congrats to you too!!!
Yeah... it went sooooo fast... and I had a lot of fun ;-)
Have a great day @saffisara!
Big plastic hug!
Steemitri The Mannequin


Thank you. I'm glad you had lots of fun, I did to and it's amazing how many amazing people you meet on your journey 😊 I'm blessed!
Have a wonderful week my friend and hug back to you 🤗

That good friend, very nice to see that you have already completed one year, you are something allusive to me, only that you have grown exponentially.


Muchas gracias!!! Thanks for your kind words :-)

Felice anniversario! 🍰
La cravatta ti dona.


Grazie @marylin!
A questo punto aspetto una tua cartolina ;-)


Brilliant as always buddy! You deserve joy and success!


Thanks a lot @kus-knee!!!
It's not that easy the life as a mannequin!


Hai qualche preferenza?


Qualcosa di tuo è la miglior cosa... un puzzle per esempio ;-)


Penso di aver le informazioni necessarie per poter procedere.😊

Buon compleanno @steemitri, sempre geniale !


Hello @sergioambro! Grazie per il messaggio!!!

amigo steemit, ¡qué placer es decir hola otra vez! Felicidades por este aniversario en steemit


Muchas gracias amiga!
Un gran abrazo a todos los venezolanos :-)

Grande! auguri!


Grande Charles! Grazie carissimo!



Grazie mille carissima!!!
P.S. sto imparando a scrivere in corsivo con la tua fantastica matita sarda!

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Hey man... I think you can write better comments than this ;-)
This is just begging... did you read the post?!?! So give me a relevant comment, and I'll give you my upvote.

There is NO better way to celebrate than with a bunch of bananas!!

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