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It's the second edition of bring your axes together. If you've been following us, you should know what it's all about.

OK, let me save you the stress of reading from the first edition. Here is the gist.

Every Monday, a topic of interest will be elaborated and thrown to the public, members will write their contribution and send it to us, everything will be compiled together to create a solid post. Then, we share the earnings among the members.

Interesting right? Let's just call it a joint post.

Steemiansarena is pictured as a battle field, so don't be bothered or worried about the theme of this project.

The first edition was based on science.

Special thanks to those that participated. @afefe, @hayzeed, @hilltop, @ayoshewa, @josoft, @simaotab.

We hope you partake in this second edition. And what is it about? It's a story!

Here is how it will be done.

The theme of the story will be chosen on the discord server. We need only 3 chapters for the story. That means 3 members will be writing the next joint post, all chapters will be compiled together and posted on Sunday.

Every member interested in participating in this week's Joint post will have to signify on the server. A quick test will be done to know the three writers, and that's it! They will be communicated to on how to carry it out.

I'm giving you the full gist already, right? You need to be available on discord
and watch out for the post on Sunday.

What are you still waiting for? Join us on discord now!


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Welcome @steemiansarena
Looking forward to the next joint post

Go @steemiansarena......✌✌✌✌✌✌

The first edition was dope and I know this will even be better

Steemiansarena is really doing well