TeamUp Teams! Season Starting Sunday at 1PM CST!!

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TeamUp Starting Sunday at 1pm CST!


LAST SEASON'S CHAMPS (with a slight adjustment)

Ghost Nation


@bethalea (i'm the slight adjustment!)

Team Ham


not actually their logo but close enough. graphic by @nicnas


The Poker Pups


also not their logo but who cares omg puuuppperrr!!


Team Ferox


this is what came up when i wrote 'spirited/feisty' on pixabay


Death Punch






such wild!


Suited Aces


you can't actually have suited aces, btw


Tequila Barrel



and the always debaucherous...

Ace Holes


their actual logo!!


Good luck teams! Catch you on the felt!!

martini 510.png

art by @kryptik


We are there and we are ready to rumble!

this is an awesome banner, @sgt-dan!! I hope you mean for me to use it cuz unless you say otherwise, i'm gonna ;)


By all means! Looked up the meaning for Ferox...


Also, I asked the other team members and they seem to like it. Cheers! Oh, and by the way, much thanks to @curie for hosting this Team Tournament!

Also, I asked the
Other team members and they
Seem to like it. Cheers!

                 - sgt-dan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Will you look at that. Made an Haiku without even trying. Thank you Haiku bot!

I've just upvoted your post!
just a micro support for a fellow steemian, I hope you'll appreciate it ;)

you appear (at very first glance ) to be an actual person, so yes, appreciate the vote, thank you. you may want to rethink your comments and make them seem like you've actually read the article. It goes over much better. :)

I just wanted to upvote you as I upvoted many others.

When did throwing on an anchor that weighs more than the boat become a slight adjustment?

i'm the anchor that finishes STONG and MIGHTY!!!!!!!!

Does anyone need a player? (a good one) :D

Nikoskol Goldhunter Thehive, Team name Foenix, Working on a logo