Dutchies & Co are meeting up this Sunday in Rotterdam!

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The post announcing the second Steem Meet-Up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 13th of January is already 2 months old, so here I am with a reminder: join us this Sunday at 15:00 in 'Kaapse Maria' Biercafé Boudewijn in Rotterdam!

EDIT: Had to change location. Read the latest update!

Who are coming?

From what I deducted from the last post and the Telegram Group or DM's on Discord the following people will be joining:

@brittandjosie^, @exyle^, @verhp11^, @hans001^, @pundito^, @tonyz, @guchtere, @dboontje, @detlev, @ashleykalila, @bjornb, @samiirasam, @rathanna, @r00sj3, @arcange, @route-m-d, @seveaux, @artakush, @buzzbeergeek

Maybe's or joining later (if circumstances allow it): @s3rg3^, @bennierex^, @missmau^, @bengy^

People with a ^ attended the first meet-up as well \0/

[Picture taken by @brittandjosie during the first meet-up! Looks like Cola, tastes like strong beer ;-)]

Where & who are all the Dutchies?

In the process of planning the meet-ups I'm trying to collect a 'complete' overview of Dutch or Dutch-speaking people and Expats living in the Netherlands. Let me know if I'm missing a name or if I didn't categorize you correctly.

Those who attended Meet-Up #1:

@brittandjosie, @exyle, @s3rg3, @bennierex, @verhp11, @bengy, @greendeliverence, @pundito, @missmau, @amritadeva

Dutchies! Living in The Netherlands

@brittandjosie, @exyle, @s3rg3, @bennierex, @eqko, @verhp11, @hans001, @missmau, @amritadeva, @ashleykalila, @goldrooster, @heyitshaas, @r00sj3, @ijmmai, @seveaux, @poeticsnake, @guchtere, @roelandp, @rubencress, @scipio, @rival, @edb, @marcovanhassel, @hetty-rowan, @minersean, @sanderjansenart, @erikklok, @dboontje, @dikkie, @valderrama, @thetimminator, @tonyz, @raypelsteeltje, @jacktheflipper, @bart2305, @crypto-econom1st, @bringolo, @oaldamster, @samiirasam, @rathanna, @goldrooster, @mids106, @rolf.bakker, @zyx066, @jolanda

We speak about the same language! Living in Belgium

@fullcoverbetting, @woodzi, @daan, @bjornb, @brothermic, @simplymike, @jackjohanneshemp, @feelx, @d0zer, @costanza, @zoef, @kemo16, @simplymike, @arcange

Expats in The Netherlands

@artakush, @bengy, @bkdbkd, @pundito, @smasssh

Dutchies or 'speaking Dutch' all over the globe

@anouk.nox, @karinxxl, @felander, @cryptotem, @sv1rby, @misslasvegas, @bubke

Dutchies that I haven't categorized yet :D

Please let me know in which category you are!
@digitalworldyou, @edje, @barv, @danielsaori

Those who showed interest outside of the Dutch community

@detlev (special guest from Germany!), @route-m-d (travelers!)

Do you know of more Dutch (speaking) Steemians?

Let me know in the comments! It would be fun to see how big we can get this to grow. The first responses after Meet-Up #1 can be summarized as: This was fun! It felt like we'd known each other for ages! Let's do it again! It's pretty spectacular to meet fellow Steemians and to have a few 'sort of local' meet-up opportunities is very worthwhile. Hope to see a few of you join :-)

Hope to see you Sunday the 13th in Rotterdam!

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Please inform the people at the Rotterdam border control to let me in ;)

I'll ask them to make an exception for this 'Foreigner'... :')

Just heard about it from @detlev! Looking forward to meeting you. I had a great time with you in Lisbon. Will you speak in English or Dutch? Any agenda?

Hey @buzzbeergeek! There's no agenda! This is all very 'loose' at the moment, just coming together and drink beer (I'm sure you won't mind that part :P) and get to know fellow Steemians. This is only the second meet-up I've been doing. Last time everyone spoke Dutch, this time there are some from outside the Dutch community as well. It will be a mix :-) If you want to 'speak' you're welcome to do so of course, I encourage everyone who wants to to share knowledge. Cheers!

My original update said Saturday, but I mean Sunday... We're meeting up this Sunday ;-)

Count me in! altijd goed om eens te buurten met wat Nederlands volk, kijken wie, wie is. De gezichten achter de namen. Wie nu zich nu schuilhoudt en wie een bekende is door vlogs. Bierplezier daar zijn we allemaal wel voor !

Heeeeeey wat tof!!! Superleuk dat je komt @seveaux, het is idd superwaardevol om gezichten achter de namen te zien :-)

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Yeah looking forward to it!🎉

Wh00p! Me too :D

#metoo i’ll take the hagelslag 😉 @guchtere


hahahahahhah you guys are going for the winning combo....daaaamn Im missing out!

We Will figure something out for you

Hope to be there, but this is the last weekend that my mum is out here, so there may be plans for family! If I'm there, I'm there! If not, then not..

<3 Of course! Spending Quality Time with the family comes first! I'll put you under 'maybe' and say hi to your Mum for me :-)

We are family too😂

@bengy enrole your mum in steemit 😉

Ha ha, she is so terrible with technology that I'm sure she would inadvertently bring the entire chain down!

Newspaper headlines: mum single handenly broke down a blockchain

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, I'm cramming for exams :( .

Sorry to hear @minersean, but this won't be the last meet-up, so we'll see you next time! Good luck with your exams <3

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Have fun all, can't be there.. I hope next time..

I hope so too!

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I miss @rolf.bakker (living nearby Rotterdam) Have fun !

THANKS! Ik voeg 'm toe aan de lijst :D


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Yesssss finally ! I Will be There for a kaapse jongen!


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See you guys on Sunday!! :D

Awesome looking forward to meet after all the stories! 😎

Yes yes yes!!! See you guys Sunday!

It's coming ...

Yes :D

Dutchie living in The Netherlands (Groningen), present! Ready to be categorized... 😊 😋

YAY!!! Assuming 'present' doesn't mean you'll be joining us this Sunday though? :')

Can't make it this Sunday, sorry. Maybe next time... Hope you have a great meeting and hope to read about it afterwards. 😊

@soyrosa deze blog werd vermeld in de laaglander

Das wird wieder ein Fest 😜

Duits praten in Rotterdam?! Jij durft! :’)

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Niks mag meer tegenwoordig 😭

Tegenwoordig? Sinds 14 mei 1940 :’)

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Zoveel mensen die zijn blijven hangen in het verleden ... jammer dit.
We moeten vooruit kijken.
Ik ga me nu opsluiten in de kruipruimte onder het huis van mijn hypotheekverlener 😝

:’) Ik kijk ook liever vooruit. Met een biertje erbij :D

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Yes, will be there and my Bed is booked !

Is there anybody else coming from Aken area and love to share a ride?

AND @buzzbeergeek is invited and will join!

YES! Awesome to have both you and @buzzbeergeek there, you won't be disappointed by the craft beers they serve at the place we're meeting - it's all from a Rotterdam brewery. There's no other people coming from Germany, but @pundito is a German living in the Netherlands, so if you get tired from speaking English/hearing Dutch... ;-) Cheers!

Hmmm maybe contact @arcange, I don’t know where in Belgium he lives but you might drive a bit through Belgium? Don’t know his travel plans! Or yours! :D

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Unfortunately, I do not live close to @detlev. Car sharing is not an (economic) option for us.

Wow, awesome! You have a big community there! Wish i could come! Have fun! <3

Arghhh would have loved to be there but you know...mountains are callling these days :DDD

Have loads of fun though (i know this wont be a problem!)

We’ll have fun but I DO hope we can have a meet-up with you included soon! Let men know on Discord when you might be in The Netherlands and I might steer the next date a bit :P

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We could do a FaceTime moment 😉

Indeed, Facetime or something else but you need to show us something of the snow @karinxxl. Little cheer up for us, the weather prediction for Sunday in the Netherlands will be like 🌧️


The mountains are calling in the weekend..to busy to facetime most likely :D But damn that would be fun @brittandjosie @soyrosa @guchtere @seveaux

You know you can bring your phone with you to the mountains?😇

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Ok, ik hak the knoop door...I'll be there!

@danielsaori lives in Holland too.
I would love to join you, but unfortunately my back still can't handle a 2 hour drive yet :0(

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Thanks for mentioning @danielsaori! Sorry to hear about your back @simplymike, I know how sucky these can get :-( But this won't be the last meet-up so I hope you get better ASAP and will be able to join a next one :-)