Sneak Peek: Sugbo Weekly

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Newsletters are good medium in strengthening and building relations within a community. It is also a good way to keep everyone on the loop and in the know of what's hot and what's not.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Sugbo Weekly, the weekly newsletter of Steemit Family PH - Cebu. Cebu, as an island has a lot to offer and it's beyond what you can imagine. The aim of this weekly newsletter is to highlight and promote Cebu as well as Steemians from Cebu.

Here's a peek of what to expect from our weekly newsletter.

Straight Outta Sugbo

This section will feature top 3 amazing posts from Cebuano Steemians. Featured authors will get upvotes from the entirety of Steemit Family PH community.

This is Cebu

Since we are geared to promote anything about Cebu, this section will showcase 3 random posts that is all about Cebu, the people, the places, everything.

Projects, Campaign and Outreach

On this section, we will share the recent campaigns and proposed projects we have. The communities we will be supporting soon and upcoming workshops and meetups.


This section will feature the current promotions being administered by @sfp-cebu

Ohana Insider

Anything you need to know about our Ohana, @steemitfamilyph. The latest news and updates inside the Steemit Family PH community, from Ohana achievements, projects and promotions to weekly featured member.

That's it, a quick peek of what to expect for Sugbo Weekly. Stay tuned for our first issue this March.


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Looking forward to this!

Sugbo na! Charot haha nu meaning? Excited for this.


Sugbo is Cebu @gheghenrv