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RE: Time to Delete Facebook and Move to Steemit

in #community3 years ago (edited)

#Deletefacebook #joinSteemit any thing for my dear steemit community is good with me. Since joining Facebook, I didnt gain anything except seeing fake news, gossips , old friends (some are ok but not all lol) ..however in steemit, I make something and grateful. Go Go Go steemians, let us make this happen.


The worst part of facebook for me is that I cannot erase my details off of it completely.

Good point indeed, keep steeming to more success

What else could be even better than u get rewarded from ur Proof of Brain work! Keep steem on ppl!

I agree with you...keep steeming to more success

Yes im with you its time for greedy non profit sharing fb to go. Steemit is sharing the profits with the users, I love the business model.