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RE: The Minnow Power-up League - Week #43

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Great week for powering up. Always on the look out for my fellow PIFC community members, very nice to see @viking-ventures make it Level 2. She works very consistently and steadily, week in and week out. And @chekohler, after 45 weeks of hard work invested, close to making it to Level 4!

One SBI share registered for this week’s power up“champ” - @contrabourdon. Two whole weeks in MPL and on the Wall of Fame! No messing around … 😉 I also decided to register one SBI share to the largest power up still working towards dolphinhood - @for91days. He will hopefully be in the “Land of the Dolphins” in the very near future.

Congratulations to @fullcoverbetting, @veryspider, and @steemflow for their graduation. Each with 45 weeks (all starting on Sept 13th) of steady effort and now over the line. Great job!

"Onward and upward" into a new week!


I don’t muck around 😂

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Yes @contrabourdon, we can see that! 👍

Congratulations to the Albury organist. All the best to you, on your Steem blockchain "journey." 🤗

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Thanks for tagging me. Somehow, I missed the earlier tag. Yay!
I add, as well, that unlike many, I have not made financial contributions to any of my accounts as of yet. It's all been my hard work and curation. :-)

Yes @viking-ventures ...

" It's all been my hard work and curation. :-)'

... doing your part to keep @pifc going, as part of it. 😊

45 weeks or 2 weeks, we don't mind as long as it's onward and upward.

Thanks for your support @roleerob :)

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