A Few Great and Easy Tips for Community Building on Steemit

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Having a Solid Foundation

Building a strong online community is like building a home, you need to have a strong foundation if you want a solid house.  When you first start out you need to be active and find your niche.  This means regularly sharing high-quality content that will provide value to the community and your followers.  You should always try to be more personalized meaning respond to questions and thank people every once in a while for sharing their input or even when they are sharing your content.  This shows you are engaged and committed to the members of your community and remember, sometimes it's the little things that have a big impact on people.  One of the keys to a solid foundation on Steemit is built on a two-way communication system with your followers.  Letting them know that they are valued shows them you are paying attention and the level of accessibility will help turn followers into community members. 



Engage Learn and Connect with your Community

Steemit has a ton of resources to help you grow and get your content out there.  One of these resources is the Steem Chat.  There you can interact with people that have the same interests as you and it's a great place to share ideas and get positive feedback.  The discord channels are another great way to connect with people, to get started you can check out @PAL @Minnowsunite, @whaleshares @steemgigs, @esteem and @steemspeak, they are all great rooms and are moderated by great people, each room is unique.  It's also important to engage with the content your followers share, don't just up vote material because you see a high reputation or because they are trending, up vote because you mean it.  Be generous and reward the people in the community who stand out and bring great content to the platform. This means up voting and leaving positive comments on their post.  This will encourage new members to write more posts and it shows them that you are out there watching and that you appreciate their work.  All of this will pay off as other members will start to see the benefits of what being an active and engaging member of the steemit community can do for them.



Help Others and Make Trusting Relationships

Helping others and building trust is one of the most important things you can do on Steemit and this is what separates us from other social media sites.  Please don't go around whining and complaining about your posts not making money the first week you are here!  The money should be the last thing on your mind, instead take the time to write posts from the heart and to make quality lasting relationships here.  We have so much great talent here that you can achieve this by meeting people with common interests and helping them out.  For example, we have a tag called @steemgigs where you can ask for help or help others with projects ranging from coding a website to making graphic designs and much more.  For others, you can build trust by helping build up the Steemit community, a few ideas are giving back with a giveaway, have a meet and greet, just giving because your gut tells you its the right thing to do or even the simple action of resteeming someone's post can help and mean a lot to someone. Steemit is also a very rewarding place and once you commit to something you are passionate about you should always see it through because the benefits are great.  Even though we can call this a virtual place the same rules apply as everyday life, be real and be honest.  


Earning all of this isn't going to be easy but once you create quality content, build trust, help others, engage and contribute, your own community and followers will come naturally. Great things take time to build especially when you are dealing with such a talented bunch of people.  So Steem on and most importantly be yourself and have fun when you are community building.  Please don't write these tips off as being too basic.  Instead, I ask you to check your current community building skills and if you have anything you can contribute please share them with us because uplifting tips are always welcomed and appreciated.

 I hope you enjoyed. Please Upvote, Resteem, and Follow me @road2wisdom 


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Great ideas! Upvoted.

Thank you @stellabelle
coming from you it means a lot to me and I appreciate it very much.

For me as new, this is Liquid Gold!


Thanks @leotrap

You have my seal of approval 😉

Why thank you @drakos I appreciate it :)

Thanks for the tips! up voted and resteemed!

Thank you!

I agree with you 100%, building relationships should not be only important offline but online as well

Thank you I just posted on your latest post it seems you already understand how it works around here! Mothers intuition heee :) Talk to you later have a great weekend.

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Thanks for the reply on my post and the upvote. And yes according to our kids , moms know everything lol. I just started so there's a lot for me to figure out. Have a great weekend also

I was searching for a niche for a while and eventually decided to make one, that's what the Be Awesome discord channel is about. I wanted a place where initiatives to gain and bots and new user questions and trading wouldnt distract us and the focus could be on really getting to know each other and building relationships, collaboration and sharing.

You are welcome to check it out ;-) link in all of my posts.

You just nailed it @road2wisdom! Building relationship and engaging are the ingredients of success on this amazing platform!
Thanks for sharing this out!

Very great tips. It is through community building that you make your presence felt in Steemit. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the kind words :0)

Thanks for the good tips and I am doing just that....although I am stumbling around a bit because I am not the most tech savvy of individuals. I started my Discord account and joined Steemit Chat but I'm having some trouble navigating. If you have links to tutorial posts that would be really helpful.

Loved the post,great advice.
This is my 5th week on steemit and i'm still at that stage,looking to find my niche. I had very little experience with cryptocurrency when first joining steemit,but have learnt a lot in the last month. What an amazing community this is,full of talent and really special people. Most people are extremely helpful,full of ideas and willing to help by sharing their knowledge. You can then pay,or show them your appreciation with a vote.
What an amazing system,if only everything in life was that simple. (I think i'm getting the hang of this now)

Thank you for 5 weeks your rep is going up fast and it seems from what you wrote you already grasp the concept. I agree the majority are really helpful and are working really hard to make it even better here. You are doing great i am following you and will pop in from time to time thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for all the value you provide once again Goddess :D <3 @road2wisdom

You are very welcome and It's my pleasure @awarenessraiser ;)

Good tips! Especially for Minnow Me. Thanks!

Glad you found them helpful :)

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Such an imformative, eye opening write up for newbies like me. Thank you so much madam. i am going to follow you for your up coming posts as you have followed me too. To help is to serve. You are kind because you really care about newbies and promoted good suggestion. Keep up voting and encouraging new comers. Thank you and stay blessed.

Madam, i have a question and i hope you would help me to build myself strong. What are the ways to get attention of people on your posts. Though i added only two posts, about 36 people are following me, out of them hardly 22 have seen my post and about 22 person have commented. I am confused, why don't people help one another, though it costs them nothing. Hope to see positive gesture from you.

This is my Facebook id, [email protected] by name Jai Khatri, If it seems uncomfortable to reply my queries, we can have communication through Facebook, otherwise it will be fine here too.

Thank you for the great information, it caused me to pause and think about why I am really here sharing my thoughts in this community. You have inspired me to continue as I can tell you that I have had a mind to move on as I couldn't see that I was making any headway. I think what I have received mostly from your insight is that sharing your heart and being a friend to others is what it's all about. I follow you now and look forward to more of your post. I speak blessings over your life and pray that you have peace, Thanks so much, Brother Charlz

Thank you for the kind words and yes sharing your thoughts and making good articles will pay off in the end. As well as making trusting relationships. Good Luck I know you will do well :)

Great post very well written thanks for sharing. I agree with everything you said.


Taking the time explaining the fundementals of steemit and social reletionships to new comers. You are a precious member and I am honored to share this platform with people as your self.

Thanks for your contribution @road2wisdom.

Thank you and likewise I appreciate you and everything you do for the steemit community. You are a great person too :0) Thanks

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You have summarize everything one need to succeed on steemit into this great post and i wish more minnows and noobs can come across this and learn how easy it is to create a community of loyal followers. I am following you and will resteem this to my little followers so they can learn too


Thanks @bania I wll follow you back as well as others here and I always return the favors and help out so expect to to see me on your post soon :) thanks for the kind words.

Wow, thanks for that, i appreciate

You are welcome :)

Great post! This is just the kind of thing I was hoping to find on Steemit. Thank you!

As someone who is new to Steem, your words and thoughts are impactful. Thank you for sharing them :)