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The time to gathering the Harvest is long past now and pushed aside by the frosty pin-branches, temperatures bellow the zero and foxes walking down the street. Barbarella's venture Friendly Fridays incorporated got their usual plan to pack and wrap the last day of the past month and clear the place for the most festive time of the year Expeditiously. Stage prepared for our mates and partners new projects with romantic candles and dance involved and the inevitable main character of the weekly novel Givers - all set to go and see November out.

…Switching to the appropriate attitude that helps communities grow…should be easy in the month of giving!

To start with opening the wise books...Among the favourites we keep is the Oxford dictionary reading on Giving...
giving adjective; Providing love or other emotional support; caring. He was very giving and supportive.
Of course this takes some further reading @anutu's position on that topical matter covered in the latest Welcome Wagon Weekly Digest. Your opinion can be heard and message passed through to a wider community by engaging in our Forum. Leave us comments bellow the post or drop a line in Barbarella's voice-chat text on Discord Ramble and we'll get back to you. Comment, ask or even get interactive with our guests in order to experience the community you are in.

Canva mastered by me

Improving personal performance, while moving fast through information massive data and quickly retrieve the parts we need is what made us present Steemit filters in our weekly trends. Another major facilitation to upgrade your wallets because you love to be physically active was introduced by @dreemsteem featuring her profound now experience with The Actifit out closely the Welcome Wagon fellas playing with this gadget in December. Go check up Actifit Trend and see if your mobile device is compatible with it. Train your muscles and don't forget your brains!

Live like you are going to die tomorrow, but learn like you are going to live forever.
The Vibe of positive and happy living

The Philosophy of Happiness brought to us personally by The Queen of all formatting cool and my personal tutor back in early Steemit days, we have her joined this time theAuthor of the week treasury sprinkling magic all the way. Meet Petra Zen aka @zen-art and her refined ways in life on Steemit. The fan of topics she covers in her blog vary from motivational through entertainment to science. All they have something in common - the outstanding elegant formatting. Being recently elected to step on board of the Fundition, Petra is the mate you would definitely prefer to be in a team with on the playground…Along with some cute techniques on how to master your posts outlook you may learn many other valuable things that help in life like....

If you feel a draft in your neck, it might kill you. Draft in your neck - DEATH
Traditional Balkan superstition

Petra Zen exclusively for Barbarella

The importance of…having it curated (?), continued. Another outstanding author who is continually devoted in supporting Steemit communities and constantly running initiatives that makes a beautiful support background for talented newbies actions on the platform. Utterly delighted with her crispy voice on The show that brings you closer to the people you like, we totally enjoyed the final set with @xcountytravelers – Ren, one of the greatest protectors of the affirmed quality standards on the platform. If you are new here, just be yourself and she'll find your work worth presented in the Hey, Have Ya met project that helps acquiring greater exposure of valuable content.



One thing is confirmed now: Barbarella Big Fish guest are worth the experience beyond the 15 minutes on the show and we love bringing them closer to you because of their overall performance and commitment here.


"It's about the community!" Wise words for the special place in the Steemit Book of Wisdom, signed by @ShadowsPub on November, 23rd 2018 were so widely accepted that they are now the signature of our show content. Check up the video link bellow and here what @xcountytravelers Ren has to add up to that. The rest appears to be : Swim fast; Do the best you can do about it; Think about the Community while you’re doing the best you could do. Most probably you’re going to be our next renowned guest in Barbarella – a step closer to the people you like.

Dear to our hearts, Ladies and Gentlemen! Join us next week on Friday at 3 pm and 8 pm UTC to unpack, untie and smell the fragrance of freshly backed cookies, cinnamon and apples in December 2018 decorated by the Christmas edition of Balkan Candles touch of elegance coming up soon.

Stay tuned and Stay steemitted!


The Barbarella extended Fun Session on November, the 30th, feat. @zen-art and @xcountytravelers(Ren) in the Life treats of the week here

On a serious note...

On an also important note...
Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:

@c0ff33a / @derangedvisions - @enginewitty
@surpassinggoogle / @steemgigs - @yehey
@curie / @good-karma, @therealwolf - @thekitchenfairy
@jatinhota, @guiltyparties, @noblewitness and


Thank you very much!

This logo was made by @penderis


It was a pleasure to be on your show. Thank you for your kind words and for the opportunity to present @fundition to people and explain what is it about. It is always great to talk to you and I found @anutu to be lovely too. Much love to you both! 💚

Thank you, @zen-art! You brightened up the last November show and made a tease-release for the coming up festive season. We loved you sprinkling so generously so much magic and happiness in the air above Barbarella live on #RambleRadio.

Thank you so much for creating such a special moment live at the show. Enjoyed it so much! Sending love right to you!!!!

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