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In the lovers' wonderland there is such thing, known as a wreath of kisses. It is a very delightful and a very serious matter in the same time. For us at Barberella, who are so ardent to apply good practices any time we notice one, a happy event occurs every Friday twice during the day when we are given the opportunity to make a wreath of never ending Fridays for our followers. Why not kisses? Hm, the number of emotionally involved relationships is slightly disturbing, but...Warum nicht as they say in Malta. Back to our extended weekend plan, we streamed live on #RambleRadio to wrap up flakes of festive mood and glowing smiles with some romantic candles and dances included to praise the officially announced character of the weekly novel Body, Mind & Soul - all set to go and see the new month in.

…Fine tuning the appropriate mood that helps community slow down to Christmas…should be easy in the month of joy!

To start with hearing the wise guys and the thoughts they keep...Among the favourites we keep at hand is @anutu's official Welcome wagon Weekly Digest reading on substantial life matters...
... Like so often in life the combination of quantity and quality, the mix of different important aspects and elements create wholeness, oneness, the person with personality and character.
@anutu on the Body, Mind & Soul equation, WWWD #12

Of course the public did the topical Mexican wave to create a crowd effect acting as a unity. To bow a due respect we had a Big CrowdFish guesting in the final quarter with people sharing their latest achievements in actifitting. We are usually very keen on feedbacks and we really do believe that your opinion matters. Feel free to pass a message through to a wider community by engaging in our Forum anytime. Leave us comments bellow the post or drop a line in Barbarella's voice-chat text on Discord Ramble and we'll get back to you. Comment, ask or even get interactive with our guests in order to experience the community you are in.

Helpie strives to become a home community for high-quality content creators as well as content consumers while encouraging engagement across all users, as this improves overall user retention, which is vital for the long-term success of Steem.
The Crowdmind interview

Courtesy to Jane Means

Improving personal performance on the platform, while acting in a team of experts with various backgrounds is something professionally covered by the guys behind @helpie. Our December, the 7th Steemit Trends introduces a knowledge and skills sharing community, which is happy to offer mentoring and curation, as well as educational tutorials, trivia, and weekly meetings, focusing on the ins and outs of the platform. At Helpie you'll be encouraged to practice long-term thinking and understanding the true potential of STEEM. Another major facilitation to upgrade your fun potential is Socios featuring a good example of how life activities go well along with payouts on the blockchain. have a look at the Paris Saint Germain FC and FC Juventus who were among the first to reward their fans on the platform. Curious to preset future life events? We recommend The Steem Oracle to you. The moment you can firmly predict a Fridays only week, feel free to call us, we'll be jumping and singing on our way to join!


The Wisdom in the Old Books for children brought to us personally by Her Awesomeness, The Queen of all good mood unlimitted - @Snook. Couldn't be more proud with her double shield at Barbarella, taken as a Big Fish guest and an Author of the Week, dated December, the 7th. Don't miss her view on The Old Woman in the Woods, by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and pin her "Make Someone Smile Today, It Cannot Hurt!" message somewhere you could regularly see it. In the end of the day, it is @Snook's laughter worth living a second life.

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"It's about the community!" Wise words for the special place in the Steemit Book of Wisdom, signed by @ShadowsPub on November, 23rd 2018 were so widely accepted that they are now the signature of our show content. Check up the video link bellow and have a refreshment until the Friday fun station. The rest appears to be : Swim fast; Do the best you can do about it; Think about the Community while you’re doing the best you could do. Most probably you’re going to be our next renowned guest in Barbarella – a step closer to the people you like.

Dear to our hearts, Ladies and Gentlemen! Join us this week on Friday at 3 pm and 8 pm UTC to unpack, untie and smell the fragrance of freshly backed cookies, cinnamon and apples in December 2018 decorated by the Christmas edition of Balkan Candles touch of elegance at home.

Stay tuned and Stay steemitted!


The extended Fun Session on December, the 7th, feat. @Snook and the actifitting crowd in the Life treats of the week Barbarella refreshment

On a serious note...

On an also important note...
Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:

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Thank you very much!

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