Barbarella Dec., the 7th promo

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...At the very wide open gates of the most festive winter months, the blond poppet is waiting for you merry fellas in a warm sweater and winter boots.

White blanket was taken away by a three-day warm sun and the frosted windows we enjoyed in November this year are displaying almost spring views. The town is back to its routine noise in grey cloak and the zest of Universal calmness shifted to make space for the chiming clamour of hasty shopping and holiday preparations. The special fragrance of cosy homes is still in the air and cross-Atlantic winds brought our way a melodic hug of @dreemsteem singing Christmas carols in her intention to spread wide sheets of love above. Getting you once more around our warm fireplace this Friday you could join us to warm up, sit at it resting eyes, spread feet and warm them up….or poke a stick to melt cheese over the playing flames. You should be careful with this one!…Stay with us to listen the oak cracking in the flames and chase the shadows on the wall.


You know how consistent @anutu and I are about good old traditions and observing to lay the base of our own premium quality standards, dated December, the 7th our month-opening Author of the week nomination goes to….yet another talented content creator. An active community player and host of her show, her laughter is an infectious groove! My personal Make-the-day special mentor, Snook was featured in @anutu’s Welcome Wagon Weekly Digest some days ago. This is now what we call serious. Exposing such a talented content creator of most individual style in the most official of the official-est digest is worth drawing you up closer to our fireplace.


Most appealing facilitation to add more individuality to your presence on the platform. Pieces of good advice and welcoming the newbies tapas are going to be served this Friday along with the WW weekly press in the News of the world. In the lap of the gods and in the safe hands of the B-host @anutu, enjoy the discussion on the weekly topic Body, Mind&Soul and while chatting with us, let your mind relax of the daily routine. Stay engaged on #RambleRadio until the end to reveal the identity of the Big Fish this week and hear their wise words. The Steemit Book of Wisdom is soon to be forwarded to a presentation in our quest to publish and market it. Be a part of this Life experience! Catch up with us Purifying our Perfection at the very beginning of the ginger bread, cinnamon and wrapping gifts month.

Join us on cute-fonts at 3 pm and 8 pm UTC to unpack, untie and release the good spirit of December 2018 - the greatest and most amazing, inspiring and exciting of all previous Decembers in your life so far.

Stay tuned and Stay Steemitted!!!


Skip this time, ha?!

You're not serious considering cutting the blond, are you!

On a very important note...

Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:
@c0ff33a / @derangedvisions - @enginewitty
@surpassinggoogle / @steemgigs - @yehey
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@jatinhota, @guiltyparties, @noblewitness, @crowdwitness and

Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much for the special mention :) I can't wait to be there tomorrow to enjoy another Barbarella show :)

its' become part of my Friday TRADITION! hehehehe

You are very welcome, Love! This is the least I could do to dive once more in the marvellous emotion you huged me in last night.

I am exceptionally pleased to be part of your Fridays! And you, @dreemsteem, are Barbarella's noble cup-bearer on the top of it, which makes you an insider too ;-)


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