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...At the very wide open gates of the most festive winter months, the blond poppet is waiting for you merry fellas in a warm sweater and winter boots.

Or is she? The sky is bright, the sun is shining ... some birds are singing non-Cristmas carol tunes. White snow blanket is nowhere to be seen and my eyes are catching almost spring views behind the window glass. No mater the outfit Barbarella chooses for the Friday sessions, this time we' ll go glam in our elegantly waving a farewell to the 2018 year. Somewhere at the third bush right, there was a melodic hug, left by @dreemsteem singing Christmas carols in her intention to spread sheets of love wide and over, thus setting a benchmark, a golden standard for how we close a door at seeing off a good time shared throughout the year. My name is Ravijojla....geeeeezzz, it's not...anyway. And I'm here to get more of the EVERYTHING that we experienced in 2018. You are kindly invited to share thoughts, memories, hopes and expectations, even be bold and share some plans from January, the 1st on. Join Barbarella to choose the colour ribbon, pack and parcel an amazing year in the history of most amazing years the civilization knows of.


You know, my dear co-host @anutu and I are pretty consistent about good old traditions and observing to lay the base of our own premium quality standards. Dated December, the 28th our year-closing Author of the week nomination goes to…yet, another talented creator and artist. An active member, recently joined the Welcome Wagon community, his personal Decorating-Life touch is going to be featured in the Welcome Wagon Weekly Digest made by @anutu very soon for sure. Exposing such a talented content creator of most individual style in the most entertaining blond show is worth drawing you up closer to our fireplace to get better to know Fola David.


Most intriguing improvements on the platform, the usual piece of good advice and welcoming the newbies tapas are going to be served this Friday along with the WW weekly press in the News of the world. Enjoy and get involved in My 2018 discussion and while chatting with us, let your mind relax of the daily routine. Stay engaged on #RambleRadio until the end to reveal the most unexpected identity of the Big Fish this week and hear their wise words. The Steemit Book of Wisdom is soon to be forwarded to a presentation in our quest to publish and market it. Be a part of this Life experience! Catch up with us Purifying our Perfection at the very end of a magnificent 2018 and just a breath away from All Beautiful that's coming!

Join us on cute-fonts at 3 pm and 8 pm UTC to pack, tie and parcel this year's good spirit - the greatest and most amazing, inspiring and exciting of all previous years in your life so far.

Stay tuned and Stay Steemitted!!!


Skip this time, ha?!

You're not serious considering cutting the blond, are you!

On a very important note...

Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:
@c0ff33a / @derangedvisions - @enginewitty
@surpassinggoogle / @steemgigs - @yehey
@curie / @good-karma, @therealwolf - @thekitchenfairy
@jatinhota, @guiltyparties, @noblewitness, @crowdwitness and

Thank you very much!

This logo was made by @penderis


I wonder what exactly this content is about. Certain discord group news or? Well I did not want to leave, without leaving a message. Happy 2019

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Oh, nice to have your question here.
I have always encouraged people to post comments, ask and discuss under Barbarella promo and repete posts and it's lovely to see this happening :-)

Barbarella is a light show programme on the Ramble Radio, live streaming 3 pm and 8 pm UTC every Friday.

The concept covers four 15-minute parts to inform on: Steemit Trends, The Author of the Week, News of the World and The Big Fish. My co-host @anutu and I are particularly pleased to enhance the exposure of talented content creators and artists featuring their works both in the Welcome Wagon Weekly Digest WWWD #12 and Barbarella show. It's a privilege to have a guest in the last quarter of the show, who would usually be a person making impact on the platform.

Collecting their wise words, piece of advice and motivation lines, we started to do The Steemit Book of Wisdom compilation. Today's show is going to be a farewell to 2018 party and we expect a great entertainment. Both @anutu and I will be glad to see you among our audience today and on any other Friday of your convenience.

Thank you for you time to stop by and read :-)
Have a splendid new year!

Wow you are Today I can not make it but hope to be able to in future. Iin wish you and @anutu a great party and the best wishes for the New Year!

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Thank you! That is highly appreciated :-) All the shows missed could be caught up in the follow-up Barbarella repete post, that I usually publish on Monday, so no worries at all. Join us any time of your convenience!

All the best in 2019!

Can't wait, I'll be there!

hah...Ren in disguise! What a lovely surprise :-)

Hope for the best in the 2019. 2 more days, just 2 days.

An upvote for you from Steem Banat community.

May you have a splendid new year, @banat! A bunch of luck and success to all your good-will initiatives!

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