The @onequality steemit writer's hunt

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It is the @onequality team here to make some difference to the steemit ecosystem.

Onequality is drifting towards a community run magazine.


This year, we have decided to do more to contribute to the success stories of Nigerians on the blockchain, and as such, we want to try something new today. We would like to call on contributors to the blog.


  • Contributors have to be Nigerian
  1. The contents of a submitted post must be original, as every article submitted would be subjected to scrutiny by the team.

  2. The author must have a clean record and not have an outstanding case of plagiarism or a case with the steemcleaners.

  3. Good command and use of the English language is a plus, grammatically incorrect posts may not be considered.

  4. Controversial submissions will not be considered. Flat statements should have a valid source, or otherwise should be stated as a pun if so.

  5. Well researched submissions are a plus. Image sources and links to web pages consulted is a must.

  6. The team accepts a wide variety of niches. Feel free to be yourself.

  7. Contributing authors should have a reputation score between 35 and 67 (Subject to reviews).

How to contribute.

You can become a contributor in three simple steps. It is that easy!

  • Join our discord server at, indicate your interest and the team will access and verify you.

  • Take your time, make that article in a proper format, upload the images to steemit, copy and include the links in their appropriate positions. It also should include the name of the writer at the end of the article.

  • The article should be made at website.


Only the SBD accrued from the post would be shared amongst three different entities.

  • The author gets a 60% of the SBD accrued from the post.
  • The editing team gets 20% of the SBD.
  • The remaining 20% goes to the @onequality account for other steemit community project.

PS: The team reserves the right to disqualify an entry if found to be below requirements. As such, being featured as a contributor on @onequality is based on the team's discretion.

The tutorial on how to use the is coming up shortly in another post.

It's our hope that as a community, we can grow this into something we are all proud of! We will be expecting you here.


Excellent!! a much-needed breeze on here.


Please onequality, link has expired. Can you help us resend the link by updating this version?

👍👍👍 Waw this is awesome.

I have been hoping to contribute to the inequality community since the first day I was them but right now I'm getting into the discord chat straight away.

Many people have been waiting for this opportunity.... thank you for making it happen through you.

Hope you're one of the many that have been waiting for this opportunity?

Thanks for such great privileged I think this is for me at one quality. Post resteem @japfive

Awesome. We can't wait to see what you've got for us.

Pls what will we be writing on

I totally love the sound of this!
Time to yoga!!

Go Sushie! Go Sushie!! Go!!!


Interesting! Another innovative program....Worth giving it a try...Well done!

We never stop trying! Thanks for joining in!

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens)

Let's rumble!!!
I'm excited!!!

I guess this is another wonderful opportunity for writers in the house to showcase their gift. Well done boss

Waw! What a great opportunity to contribute to Onequality community on steemit. I will not be left behind. Thanks.

Way to go! Thank you

I love this move.

This is what we need. A way for awesome Nigerian writers to shine. I'm applying right away!

I am definitely interested. Thanks for this massive opportunity. Raring to go!

Awesome!!! Let's go!

Yeeeessssss. 😊

great job and wonderful community project.

Not bad, i think i'll give it a try

Wow! Great opportunities, thanks @onequality

Fowo kan me , fowokan me ooo
Baba fowokan me o baba

Okay, this is absolutely innovative and more nigerians need to see this... Thank you onequality.
Just to notify you; The discord invite link is expired.

Hello @onequality. I have tried joining the discord server but the invite link has expired.

Same here. Link has expired

Please the link has expired. Can it be resent on an updated version?

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