How to grow your Wealth? Its in your community.

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In the last few weeks I've been watching the ICO madness and community chats go crazy on telegram, slack and reddit. At one point during the Civic ICO my phone got super hot because there was serious amount of panic from users trying to dump their money into the ICO. 

It was at that point I felt like the energy was all wrong. It felt like a frenzied bee hive trying to storm a teaspoon of honey that would just evaporate like a mirage. 

The truth is, for long term wealth, don't chase the hype. While I agree that some ICO backed projects are good, there are far far too many which are empty in nature or even scams.  This is why you have to examine each carefully for the fundamentals behind the the ICO, and if you don't understand what is going on, don't invest. 

If people in the communities are angry about not getting 10x returns and only 2 or 3x then these people bring negative energy and that only is a sink on the positive spirit that helps build wealth and opportunity.  Just see this video :

Look at where your community is and where the energy is positive and people help each other grow. Truly great wealth exists in the communities that we nurture, grow and build. When we help each other become stronger through our personal ties, together as a community there is great wealth.

Practice Gratitude

When Warrent Buffett invests, he looks at the long haul value which compounds into great wealth. People who chase short term trades and fast returns end up significantly poorer than those who seek intrinsic value and hold for the long term.

This is a truth that stands the test of time.  

Its the same with communities. Especially in cryptocurrencies, finding the right kind of supportive community that will will help you help them, this is the kind of energy that will make everyone collectively far wealthier than just coming in for a fast grab. Just my $0.02. 

Peace out. 

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Good post, invest for the long term, that is what makes Steemit so good. Following for more goodies like this