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when i am writing this i just had an argument with a group of khalif Arabs who were disgustingly so rude to their waitress. I would have ignored it but just seen it too many times here, especially if the waitress are woman, sorry i can’t help myself anymore. So when i heard them speak to their selves in Arabic, i turned, replied and confronted them to their shock. they must be really shock, especially because i am woman.

Their words and their attitude suggested that they feel that their status above the person who was serving them. And to be very honest, this is a consistent thing i see in Asia. it sickens me, especially knowing how manners and hospitality is so much part of their ethos, when i see the dark side of their perceived superiority it really angers me, Especially being woman and Asian (although i am a mixed race). with no doubt i asked them to leave which they begrudgingly did the heartbreaking thing is that Asians, especially we are Indonesians generally aren’t confrontational and overly polite, i think they internalise this and begin to actually believe they are in fact lower.

Please everyone, if you hear or see anything like this, don’t let it stand, please speak up, especially against those who are too kind to defend themselves. It’s PATHETIC.



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Yeah unfortunately women don't have the best of respect in arab men's views. I mean, look at the religion they practice which consistenly places the woman behind or under the man. More than that, not many have the education you have or what is needed in order to be at level with the wolrd. Yes, best is to speak up and be confruntational; otherwise, they'll keep on getting away with it. But you have to do that with everyone, even those close to you if they don't act the right way .. Thank you for sharing :^ .