Sorry My Followers & Friends For The Next Two Weeks .

in #community4 years ago

I am sorry to stop publishing , This will continue for another two weeks .Therefore, reasons must be given to my followers and friends .
I will pass exams in the next two weeks and I can't be here and Preparation for exams at the same time .That why I just feel like I owe an apology to all of you , Sorry for not being with you for so long .
I will also promise you that I will return a strong return for all of you , Thanks for support me .


That's certainly a good enough reason to take a break from Steemit. Best of luck on your exams & see you on your return!

Thanks @chelsea88 . I wanted to stay longer but I wasn't lucky. And I hope to return as soon as possible .
Thanks for support me .

بالتوفيق مختار ! :)

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الله اسهل امووورك

Good luck with the Studies, you do right to concentrate on them they will serve you well in future.

good post

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