Minnow Exposure Program

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The Minnow Exposure Program


Welcome to the new community of **Minnowresteemer** where helping minnows grow is the whole point and purpose of the community!

How do you join in?
It's very simple, all you have to do is join the discord server in that link-

Why should I join, What are the benefits?
We put our efforts in helping minnows grow, you can share links to your posts, you can find articles in the niches that you like and even find new friends!

I can find it in some other places, what's different?
What's different here is me, I am looking at each and every link posted in our postpromotion channel and I do a couple of posts a day(having a bit of a rough time atm due to the bandwidth problem) with the best articles I find, giving exposure to them hard working minnows.

How will you get exposure?
I am working very hard every day creating a big base of followers and by growing the community we will be able to help each other.

So what are you waiting for, join our community!

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Hello! Thanks for the info. I'm @evgenya 86, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my blog, I will follow your account, please follow me and vote ... Good luck in everything :)

Thanks I really need this!

This is really great and good...

As a community we should help each other, which ultimately help system. I believe in Steemit.

I joined your community and hope that I have done everything right so far. I am still very new. I just love meeting new friends and reading and writing posts!! Thank you so much @minnowresteemer